HP Pavilion Slimline s3100y CTO Desktop PC

HP Updated: 2007-09-17
HP Pavilion Slimline s3100y CTO Desktop PC

Want to set up a power-packed PC in a tight space in your home—like the kitchen—or, tuck it out of view in your den or bedroom? Check out our compact Pavilion Slimline s3100y, which is only one-third the size of a traditional PC.

Windows Vista has arrived
Get things done, stay connected, and enjoy a variety of entertainment in a secure environment with Windows Vista Basic. This cool new operating system even has parental controls and enhanced search tools. For enhanced entertainment, choose Vista Home Premium, which includes Windows Aero, Windows Media Center, and instant search functionality.

Space-saving design
This fully loaded, super compact PC is ready to go wherever you want it, whether that's the guest room, breakfast nook, family room, or some other perfect spot.

Processing power, memory, storage
Just like with a traditional PC, you get a fast processor, plenty of memory, and lots of hard drive space. You even get a 15-in-1 digital media card reader for transferring video, photos and music to and from your PC.

Breakthrough Intel technology
Our Slimline s3100y PCs offer a choice between affordable Intel Pentium processors or the more powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processors. For the best multimedia performance, configure yours with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

Powerful graphic card options
If you're serious about entertainment, you'll love the performance of the latest graphics card options from Nvidia. You can pump up your graphics and multimedia with a 256MB dedicated graphics card.

Silkscreen-quality disc labels
The included DVD writer with LightScribe lets you burn precise, professional-looking art and text from your PC onto LightScribe-enabled media. After burning a disc, simply flip and reinsert it in the same drive for labeling; there's no need to print, align, or adhere a sticker.

Fast file transfers
This series makes it simple to transfer photos and music from portable devices and digital cameras to your PC. You'll download everything fast with the built-in, 15-in-1 digital media card reader.

Pocket Media Drive Bay
The optional HP Pocket Media Drive lets you store, share, and transport music, videos, photos, and documents. It docks in its own built-in bay on all HP Pavilion Slimline models, or you can use it via standard USB connection. There's no separate power supply, so it's quiet and cool.