HP Pavilion d4990y CTO Desktop PC

HP Updated: 2007-09-17
HP Pavilion d4990y CTO Desktop PC

Intel's latest dual-core and quad-core processor technology translates into power and performance in this impressive, do-it-all PC.

Windows Vista for smooth operations
Get things done, stay connected, and enjoy a variety of entertainment in a secure environment with Windows Vista. This series comes with Vista Home Premium, which includes Windows Aero, Windows Media Center, and instant search functionality. Upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate on your HP Pavilion d4990y, upgrade the quality of your digital life. You'll notice the difference in the new look, instant search, built-in Windows Media Center, and automated security features. You'll be able to create beautiful family photo albums and home videos, listen to your favorite music, automatically record TV shows and movies onto your PC, and explore a new world of games.

Multiple cores for multitasking
You can customize the d4990y with two or four processor cores for maximum horsepower. This technology is ideal for high-definition entertainment and games, especially when running multiple applications, and it's up to 40 percent faster and more energy-efficient than previous-generation processors.

Professional-looking disc labels
The included HP DVD writer with LightScribe lets you burn labels straight from your PC onto LightScribe-enabled discs1. After burning a disc, you just flip and reinsert it in the same drive for labeling; there's no need to print, align, or stick anything. In addition, all d4990y PCs can be configured with a secondary optical drive that lets you play and burn a DVD at the same time, including an option for adding a high-definition DVD-ROM, which boasts up to six times better resolution than normal DVD-ROM formats.

RAID for data protection, performance
The d4990y offers 7200 rpm Serial ATA hard drives in sizes up to 400GB. Or you can add a FastTrak Serial ATA RAID card, which comes with two Serial ATA hard drives (up to 500GB). Select a RAID hard drive to optimize your PC on the basis of mirroring (for data backup) or performance.

TV flexibility
Each model offers an optional PCI TV tuner card with personal video recorder (PVR) so you can record individual shows and entire series, plus pause and rewind live TV. Upgrading to the dual TV tuner lets you watch and record two programs at once2. Add a remote control and you can direct the show from up to 10 feet away.

High-capacity, portable storage
You can add the optional HP Personal Media Drive, a removable hard drive for on-the-go storage. It fits in the d4990y chassis, or you can use it externally with another PC (via USB 2.0).

Fast transfers of photos and music
This series makes it simple to transfer photos and music from portable devices and digital cameras to your PC. You'll download everything fast with the built-in, 15-in-1 digital media card reader, which is located on the front panel for easy access.

More customization
The d4990y comes with 2 PCI expansion slots for you to customize your PC even further. You'll have room to expand with additional PCI expansion cards so that you will always have the latest capabilities.

Protection for your PC
The Pavilion d4990y comes with a 15-month subscription to Norton Internet Security 2007; you can upgrade to 36 months of protection from viruses, worms, and other malicious programs. For even greater protection, select the Roxio BackUp MyPC software, which creates automatic file backups and restores files in the event of a system crash.