HP rp5700 Desktop PC

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HP rp5700 Desktop PC

HP rp5700 offers a unique computing solution for businesses that want to reduce the IT costs inherent in re-qualifying software images, require a legacy OS, or use PC's in enclosures.


Exceptional stability
A five-year product lifecycle and image stability helps reduce the costs of re-qualifying software images and with long-term planning to reduce the complexity of roll-outs.

Legacy OS support
Not ready to change your operating system? The rp5700 supports legacy OS Windows 2000 as well as XP Pro and Windows Business Vista 32-bit. So if you're not ready to move from Windows 2000 you don't have to.

Data Protection
HP provides a variety of solutions to help protect valuable data, including HP backup and recovery software, real-time-data-backup RAID hard-drive configurations out-of-the-box, and available remote storage solutions via SDMS.

User Access Security
HP combines user access security technologies – from smartcard keyboards to fingerprint readers – with industry leading TPM pre-boot password protection to help you keep your assets protected.

Specialized Design
A hardened design means a PC you can depend on. For example, additional cooling features allow the unit to operate in higher temperature environments than most business PCs including kiosk and enclosure environments.

Energy Efficiency
S3 power management, power efficient Intel processors and 80 Plus power supplies work together to reduce power consumption and help save energy costs. E-Star 4.0 models are available.

Environmentally conscious design
Product designed to minimize environmental impact by using post-consumer recycled plastics and packaging as well as exceeding requirements for hazardous material reduction. HP's first EPEAT Gold registered product.