HP t5545 Thin Client

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HP t5545 Thin Client

The HP t5545 provides convenient access to Windows, Citrix, mainframes, mid-range servers, Unix/Linux hosts, and web applications. The ThinPro operating system, Firefox browser, terminal emulation, dual monitor support, and support for the most common connection brokers make this ideal for mainstream business use.


Simple and intuitive
A single console provides streamlined and customizable user interface.

Easy to deploy and manage
ThinPro operating system supports modular software updates for rapid deployment over the network. Easy management with HP ThinState, HP Device Manager, full license of Altiris Deployment Solution, or HP Client Automation Starter Edition ( free download from HP)

More secure by design
Define user profiles individually across multiple functions and add smart card authentication, or lock down in kiosk mode for content control. Protect USB peripherals with two USB ports in a secure compartment.

Latest VDI support
Integrated brokers for quick and easy access to VMware VDI and Citrix XenDesktop solutions

Leading-edge design
Supports HP Quick Release and HP Integrated Work Center Stand (both sold separately) for flexible mounting. Front ports for easy connections. No moving parts improve reliability, ownership costs, and product life.