HP xw9400 Workstation

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HP xw9400 Workstation

The HP xw9400 combines HP innovation with the most advanced dual- and native quad-core AMD Opteron processors allowing you to tackle compute and visually intensive applications, with fast design and analysis turnaround.


Latest AMD native quad-core and dual innovations
Based upon a pure, native quad-core design, the HP xw9400 features AMD Direct Connect Architecture which addresses and helps eliminate the real challenges and bottlenecks of system architecture.

Uncompromised workstation visualization
Enabling up to 4 3D displays, the HP xw9400 provides scalable visualization capability for demanding high-performance graphics solutions. Native PCIe x16 dual ports support high-end graphics and SLI-enablement.

Dedicated to reducing our environmental impact
Realize a savings in power consumption and energy costs. With an 80 PLUS efficient power supply standard, ENERGY STAR® qualified configurations, and EPEAT™ Gold listing, the HP xw9400 is designed to optimize energy use.
HP's EPEAT™ Gold certification implies that the xw9400 is environmentally friendly in how it was manufactured, throughout its lifecycle, and will be when it reaches its end of life.

Extreme expandability
Implementation of the next generation of the NVIDIA nForce Professional chipset enables the HP xw9400 delivery of the highest performance AMD technology and excellent workstation expandability. Dual native PCIe x16 graphics (2 slots), PCIe x8 (2 slots), PCI-X 100 (2 slots), Serial ATA 3Gb/s and 8 Channel SAS are available on the HP xw9400. The 2 PCI-X 100 slots can be configured as a single PCI-X 133 slot to meet some Independent Hardware Vendors' (IHVs) requirements.

The ultimate in data throughput
Large SCSI/SAS HDD capacity delivers the ultimate in data throughput. The HP xw9400 offers 8 channel Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), the latest, highest performance disk subsystem. The 8 channels provide dedicated bandwidth to each SAS hard drive allowing for an optional external SAS connection to support external storage arrays while still providing maximum internal storage capability.

Added performance and reliability
With integrated SAS or SATA RAID controllers, the HP xw9400 provides RAID 0 (disk mirroring for fault tolerance) and RAID 1 (disk striping for high data bandwidth to and from a disk array) support. Optional RAID 10 (stiping + mirroring) and RAID 5 (striping + parity for additional data integrity) is available through an add-in PCI card.

Excellent computing performance through Direct Connect Architecture
Implementing AMD's "Direct Connect Architecture", the HP xw9400 addresses and helps eliminate the real challenges and bottlenecks of system architecture. Memory is connected directly to the CPU optimizing memory performance. I/O is directly connected to the CPU helping balance throughput and enabling expandable I/O. CPUs are connected directly to CPUs allowing more Linear Symmetrical Multiprocessing.

Free Management Diagnostic Tools
Monitor and proactively manage your HP xw9400 with industry-leading remote and local website-based management and diagnostics. The HP Client Manager Software (based on an integrated portfolio of solutions from HP and Altiris) assists HP customers in managing the hardware aspects of their client computers—including in-depth hardware information tracking, alert monitoring, diagnostics, and driver/BIOS management.