Kodak Versamark CS410 System Controller

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Kodak Versamark CS410 System Controller

The KODAK VERSAMARK CS410 System Controller is an integrated component of KODAK VERSAMARK printing systems. Custom designed with a modular and scalable architecture, the CS410 System Controller provides high performance for printing black, spot- or process color jobs.

The CS410 processes data and commands and sends the information to one or more data stations that RIP the data for printing. The CS410 supports up to16 printheads, of any size, as well as the feature sets from earlier controller products, including those in the 200 series, providing an easy upgrade path for users requiring flexible, state-of-the-art production printing.

Selected features and benefits

* Supports IJPDS and MPC formats
* Supports up to 16 KODAK VERSAMARK Printheads
* Allows mixed printhead configurations
* Supports monochrome, spot color, or process color
* Print speeds up to 1,000 fpm (300 mpm)
* Upgrade path for legacy IJPDS controllers
* Supports the CS220 System Controller feature set
* Multiple output resolutions available depending on printhead.