Panasonic 9300 Point of Sale Workstation

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-29
Panasonic 9300 Point of Sale Workstation

Perhaps our most versatile workstation to date, the 7900 has the flexibility to meet the needs of almost any organization. Featuring a space-saving 12" display, the 7900 workstation can be easily upgraded to an optional 15" display, which can be oriented either portrait to create a valuable packing screen or landscape to provide additional space for important ordering commands.

But perhaps more important than versatility, is reliability. The 7900 workstation is purpose built with no fan, no filter, and no hard drive, making it an outstanding choice for supreme reliability and durability.

Panasonic POS systems have been serving restaurant environments for nearly 30 years. The 7900 workstation is the latest generation of Panasonic POS systems building on our heritage of reliability and meeting the unique challenges of your operations.


Good things really do come in small packages!
The 7900 Workstation has a purpose built design with no fan, filter or hard drive.

Purpose-Built design withstands harsh restaurant environments.

XP Embedded System with no fan, no filter, and no hard drive increases system reliability.

Versatile, customizable design allows for an optional 15" display oriented either landscape or portrait (12" landscape is standard). A rear order confirmation and point-of-purchase LCD display is also available.