Casio XD-R6200 Translation Dictionaries

Casio Updated: 2007-08-29
Casio XD-R6200 Translation Dictionaries

Japanese to English Translators. Please note: These Translators only go from Japanese to English.

This translators has the following features

Koujien 5th Edition
Koujien word by meaning
Mypedia (small encyclopedia)
Meaning of Chinese Characters
Genius English/Japanese (3rd Ed.)
Genius Japanese/English
English Thesauras
Old Japanese
New Katakana Words
IT Dictionary

23 kinds of dictionaries

Old Proverbs
Idiom Dictionary
Letter writing guide
Speech presentation
English letter writing guide
World Wide Cuisine and Menu
English Travel Guide
Italy,Spain Germany,France
Haiku Dictionary
Who's Who

Please Note: Because these products serve japanese speaking people, the following information is provided in Japanese