Sharp PW-E150 Organizer

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Sharp PW-E150 Organizer

he Sharp PW-E150 electronic dictionary delivers comprehensive knowledge of the English/Spanish language in a convenient, lightweight and compact design. At 3.0 oz, the PW-E150 is a Spanish/English-English/Spanish translator with over 90,000 words/phrases and over 130,000 translations and an organizer with functions to store addresses, memos and schedules.


Oxford Pocket Spanish Dictionary
Instant access to the full contents-over 90,000 words and phrases and over 130,000 English/Spanish and Spanish/English translations.
Basic functions to store addresses, memos and schedules.
Metric/Currency Converter
Clock with Alarm and World Clock
Entertainment Features
Includes three kinds of games called 777, Snake and Poker.


Dictionary: Oxford Pocket Spanish Dictionary
Thesaurus: None
Grammar Book: None
Display Size: 24 x 71 dot, 3 line
Zoom: No
Filter Search: No
Super Jump: No
Quick View: No
Backlight: Yes
Organizer: Store addresses, memos, schedules
Spellchecker: No
Crossword Solver: No
Anagram Solver: No
Phrase Search: No
History Function: No
Clock with Alarm: Yes
World Clock: Yes
Calculator: Yes
Metric/Currency Converter: Yes
Battery: CR2025 x 2
Dimensions: 4.7" (W) x 3.2" (D) x 0.4" (H)
Weight: 3.0 oz.