Sharp PW-E250 Electronic Dictionary

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Sharp PW-E250 Electronic Dictionary

The Sharp PW-E250 electronic dictionary is a compact, all-in-one, lightweight pocket reference, containing the full contents from four Oxford University Press reference books, creator of "The World's Most Trusted Dictionaries." With PW-E250's easy search features and large viewing screen, it's never been easier to access a dictionary & thesaurus, Spanish/English translations, geographical dictionary and a puzzle solvers guide.


Oxford Pocket American Dictionary and Thesaurus
Instant access to more than 150,000 entries, synonyms and senses.

Oxford Pocket Spanish Dictionary
Over 90,000 words/phrases and over 130,000 translations.

Oxford Essential Guide for Puzzle Solvers
Answers arranged by the number of letters – the most useful for puzzle solvers.

Oxford Essential Geographical Dictionary
New revised edition includes pronunciations.

Filter Search
Find the required word you are searching for quickly and easily by typing the letters, and candidates for the matching word will appear.

Super Jump
enables faster cross-reference between dictionaries.

Quick View
displays the first line of each definition.

Crossword Solver
Use wildcard character "?" to search for words with ambiguous spellings. Place the appropriate number of "?" in the places for characters.

Anagram Solver
A word or series of letters can be entered to find matching anagrams found in the Oxford Pocket American Dictionary.

Zoom Key
Switch between small and large font size.

Phrase Search Function
Enter in 3 words and all phrases containing entered words can be searched for.


Dictionary: Oxford Pocket American Dictionary and Thesaurus,Oxford Pocket Spanish Dictionary,Oxford Essential Geographical Dictionary,Oxford Essential Guide for Puzzle Solvers
Thesaurus: Oxford Pocket American Dictionary and Thesaurus
Grammar Book: None
Display Size: 64 x 159 dot, 8 line @ 8 dot font
Zoom: 8 dot, 12 dot
Filter Search: Yes
Super Jump: Yes
Quick View: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Spellchecker: Yes
Crossword Solver: Yes
Anagram Solver: Yes
Phrase Search: Yes
History Function: Yes
Calculator: Yes
Metric/Currency Converter: Yes
Battery: Alkaline battery LR03 (size "AAA") x 1
Dimensions: 5.2" (W) x 3.9" (D) x 0.5" (H)
Weight: 5.4 oz.