Asus MF-200 Webcam

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Asus MF-200 Webcam

The ASUS MF-200 BrightCam series has an ultra large aperture with an 80° wide angled lens to complement the 2.0 Mega-Pixels high resolution. Communicate face-to-face live with friends, family and business partners with sharp and lifelike images. Together with the large field of view, you can now see better and more!

Crisp and Clear Images
The MF-200 BrightCam series utilizes a 2.0M pixel high -definition precision optical lens to capture video images in vivid color and still images up to an amazing 8.0M pixel resolution.

Enjoy Uninterrupted Live Video Communication
VHigh-speed recording speeds together with the high-resolution precision lens stream videos at a fast VGA 30fps frame rate – providing uninterrupted on-line chats with detailed image quality - regardless of lighting conditions!

Intelligent Face Tracking
The Face Tracking function accurately recognizes and keeps faces or objects in the center of the frame allowing great room for motions during the communication.

Exclusive Software for Total Image Management
- Perfect for photography buffs, this powerful application makes it easily to organize images, take pictures, and capture videos. It can also provide motion detections for home security.
- Create unique photo albums and personalized covers.
- Add unique distortions and special effects to spice up on-line chats.

Business Card Digitization
Keep electronic contact information at a blink of the shutter! Take a picture of your business card with ASUS Business Card Recognition software and the information on the card is automatically translated into digital format and saved directly into your contact list.

1.6" Ultra Big Aperture for Any Lighting Condition
Besides providing a clearer and brighter image under normal ambience, the ASUS BrightCam series captures more light source even under dim illuminations. Even when in complete darkness, the monitor light alone is enough for good quality imaging!

Broader Vision with 80° Ultra Wide-Angle Lens
The ultra wide-angle lens provides a broader field of view that captures more within the video frame for 30% more image displays!