Canon EOS ELAN 7/7E 35mm SLR Camera

Canon Updated: 2007-07-23
Canon EOS ELAN 7/7E 35mm SLR Camera

With 7-point wide area autofocus, eye-controlled focus, a top shutter speed of 1/4000 sec and 4 frame per second film advance, all in a compact, durable body with a simple control layout, the EOS ELAN 7/7e is the perfect camera for advanced amateurs looking to take their photography to a higher level. One of the quietest EOS film cameras ever, the ELAN 7/7e utilizes Canon's Whisper Drive technology to ensure a nearly silent photographic experience. The EOS ELAN 7/7e has 11 different shooting modes, 13 custom functions, 35-zone evaluative metering, built-in diopter, a dedicated depth-of-field preview button, and is compatible with the entire range of EOS system accessories. The EOS ELAN 7/7e offers a new standard of photographic performance and control that will enhance the shooting experience of photographers of any level.


The EOS ELAN 7/7e features Canon's exclusive Eye Controlled Focus. Quite simply, Eye Control is the fastest, easiest method of selecting a focus point.

The autofocus tracking speed of the EOS ELAN 7 /7e rivals that of the leading top-of-the-line cameras available today. With a top shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second and fastest in its class 4 fps film advance, the ELAN 7/7e is a prime choice for demanding sports or wildlife photographers.

The Canon EOS line boasts a new ergonomic design. The ELAN 7/7e is smaller and more compact, with controls placed intuitively, in a user-friendly design, for a superior shooting experience.

The construction of the camera body is newly reinforced, with strategically placed metal top and front cover plates, for rugged reliability in any environment.