Canon EOS Rebel T2

Canon Updated: 2007-05-31
Canon EOS Rebel T2

Redefining Rebel Again

The EOS Rebel T2 brings together everything you want in a 35mm camera. It has the latest automation, a "souped-up" selection of powerful features, expanded shooting modes and state-of-the-art E-TTL II autoflash. It's what makes the Rebel T2 the most advanced SLR in its class. A masterpiece of form and function, its luxurious design is both lightweight and ergonomic to make it truly user-friendly. See for yourself why the Rebel T2 is a camera that will change your expectations.


Fully Automatic 35mm Autofocus SLR
Easy to Focus, Easy to Shoot

The Rebel T2 gives you a full package of highly sophisticated automatic features that let you tackle even the toughest photographic situations - fearlessly. From the Mode Dial, simply select the Image Zone setting that matches your scene and the Rebel T2 automatically picks the optimal settings. Or choose Creative Zone settings for complete manual control.