Casio EX-P700 Exilim Pro Digital Camera

Casio Updated: 2007-08-14
Casio EX-P700 Exilim Pro Digital Camera

EX-P700 EXILIM Pro-High Performance 7 megapixel digital camera offers photo enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers so many great features, like EX and bracketing keys, self timer, remote control and external flash sync terminal. 4x Optical Zoom, 2 Inch Display and can take up to 200 images on a single charge.

The EX-P700 features a 4X optical zoom (coupled with 4X digital zoom), combined with a large 2.0-inch LCD screen, offering users even more performance from the same body size. With its amazing 7.2 million megapixel CCD and fast-response design, this high-end digital camera assures a new level of imaging capability. Its full array of functions and features, such as the Business Shot function that straightens distorted pictures automatically, also raise the bar one notch higher in terms of usability.


Ultra high-resolution 7.2 million pixel CCD with 4X optical zoom
The stylishly designed stainless steel body houses an ultra high-resolution 7.2 million-pixel CCD imaging element and high-performance Canon 4X optical zoom lens to deliver photo quality on par with professional-type digital cameras.

Comprehensive high-speed design
Thorough attention to faster response throughout the operation cycle in all areas of design has resulted in a start-up time of approximately 2.0 seconds and a 0.01 second release time lag. The EX-P700 also features a high speed continuous shooting function that can take 3 photos per second up to 5 photos.

New high-performance functions

* Flash Assist -- Operates during flash photography to compensate for underexposure in areas which are not reached by flash
* Auto Macro -- Automatically switches between Macro mode and AF mode
* Business Shot -- Business Shot function compensates for photos taken at an angle and records them as though taken from straight ahead
* Icon Help -- Uses pop-ups to guide the user during the switching of settings

Advanced imaging features

* Auto Bracketing -- Exposure, white balance and focus position are quickly set with a single press of the shutter. In addition, the multi-bracketing feature enables a variety of shots with different color effects to be taken in combination with the rapid shooting function.
* Quick Response -- Manual shooting is made easier with the large 2.0” high-definition TFT LCD screen, which clearly displays all necessary information about shooting and effects. Manual settings can be easily changed on-screen for quicker shooting.


* Advanced image noise reduction processing for improved image quality, especially when shooting at night.
* Built-in speaker for voice recording and audio snapshot playback, as well as movies with audio.
* High-speed startup – the camera is ready to shoot about 2.0 seconds after power is turned on (with flash off).
* A release time lag of only 0.01 second. The image starts to be recorded virtually as soon as the shutter is pressed.
* Multi-Auto Focus for automatic selection of the optimum focus point location from a 7 point multi-focus area. Free Auto Focus area switching for selecting your own desired focus point location.
* Manual Assist gives a sample picture of the effect of changes in the manual settings.
* High-speed playback scrolls at 0.1 second per image for faster and easier image searches.
* Large 2.0-inch TFT LCD scratch-resistant acrylic panel monitor.
* EX-FINDER graphically displays the picture information via the LCD display.
* RGB Histogram creates a histogram in red, green, or blue separately for the optimum picture balance.
* The Best Shot Mode accesses 27 camera setups in an instant. Simply select a sample scene similar to the image you want, and exposure compensation, white balance, and other settings are configured automatically.
* Select the Bulb Photography mode, which takes a continuous exposure, and use the included remote control to take perfect pictures without the blurriness.
* Synchro-terminal enables the connection of an external flash device.
* Full-month calendar screen shows a thumbnail of the first image recorded on each date.
* Slide Show function lets you enjoy a picture show right on the camera’s LCD display.
* The Alarm function sounds an alarm and displays a specified image at a preset time. A voice message can also be selected to play back at the alarm time.
* World Time lets you select one of 162 cities in 32 time zones around the world as your home time. When traveling to another time zone, simply select the applicable city, and time and date settings are adjusted automatically.
* Triple Self-timer records three consecutive images, so you can select and keep the best one.
* The camera stores images in a Web browser-viewable format that allows you to browse images in an on-screen album.
* Internal 8.9MB flash memory, with a card slot that supports use of an SD memory card or MMC (memory card not included).
* Favorites folder lets you store your favorite or private images so they are not displayed during normal playback.
* Connects directly to PictBridge and USB DIRECT-PRINT compatible printers.
* Complies with ExifPrint (Exif 2.2) and PRINT Image Matching