Casio QV-120 Digital Camera

Casio Updated: 2007-08-14
Casio QV-120 Digital Camera

Low Battery Indicator:An indicator icon will appear on the LCD when the remaining battery power is low.
White Balance:Automatic
Self Timer:10 seconds count down display on the LCD
Off Auto Power:The camera will be automatically shut off in 2 (record mode)/ 5 (play mode) minutes after the last operation.
Out Resolution:Fine: 640 x 480 (VGA)
Erase Image:Able to delete individual images with verifying on the display
Resolution Mode Select:Fine/Standard switchable Remaining Memory Display, Display the remaining memory on LCD screen according to the "Fine" or "Normal" mode.
Forward Rewind:By holding down +/- key
Exposure Control:Aperture priority automatic exposure
Monitor Block:1.8 inch TFT, low glare, back-lit color LCD; doubles as view finder
Imaging Element:1/4 inch CCD, Total 360,000 pixels
Recording System:Digital recording (JPEG base)
Record Mode:"Fine" mode (PC output 640 x 480) "Normal" Mode (320 x 240)
Shutter Speed:1/8 to 1/4000 second
Lens Rotate:+90 to -180 degress; -90 to -180 degrees for reversed image
Exposure Warning:Under Exposure or Over Exposure is shown on the LCD
Focal Length:F2.8, F8 manual switching
Storage Capacity:32 Images at Fine mode, 96 images at Normal mode
Aperture:F2.8,F8 manual switching
Shutter:Electronic shutter
Photometric System:TTL center prioritized
Camera-to-camera Communication:Image data can be transferred between Casio digital cameras with an optional cable.
Autoplay:Images can be automatically scrolled through for the auto-demonstration, VCR recording,etc.
Model Description:Digital Camera
Output:Vidio out (NTSC),frame output
Lens:Fixed focal length with Macro position (f=4.2mm; equivalent to 40.5mm for 35mm film camera)
Macro Mode :close up: - 10.6" (F8)
I/O:Digital In/Out (Serial Interface)
Fine Conversation:The fine images can be converted to the normal images to expand remaining memory
Battery:Four AA size alkaline batteries
Photometric Range:EV +5 to 18
Image Protection:Elimates accidental deletion
Memory Medium:Internal memory (2MB flash memory)