Casio QV-7000SX Digital Camera

Casio Updated: 2007-08-14
Casio QV-7000SX Digital Camera

CCD:1/3 inch -- 1,320,000 pixels
Storage Media:CompactFlash Slot
Unlimited Storage Possible
8MB CompactFlash included
Drag and drop possible with optional PC CompactFlash reader. Additional advantage of drag and drop is that folder contains preview images (Viewable with Internet Explorer or Netscape) and image data--file name, day, date, aperture, shutter speed etc.
File Format:JPEG
Storage Capacity:(Based on included 8MB CompactFlash)
SXGA -- 3 compression Levels and VGA for Economy
1) Super Fine (SXGA) -- At least 14 images
2) Fine (SXGA) -- At least 19 images
3) Normal (SXGA) -- At least 33 images
Economy (VGA) -- At least 55 images
Built-in LCD Screen:2.5 inch
HAST (122,100 pixels -- 555 x 220)
HAST screens produce cleaner, sharper images
Flash:Built-in 4 mode
1) Automatic (Fire only when light level requires it)
2) Off
3) Fill--Forced On (Will fire in bright light to soften shadows)
4) Red Eye Reduction (Helps eliminate flash being reflected by eyes)
Lens:(Equivalent based on 35mm format) 32mm moderate wide angle 2X Optical Zoom to 64mm portrait telephoto at 1,280 x 960 to
2X Digital Zoom to128mm telephoto at 640 x 480 to
4X Digital Zoom to 256mm telephoto at 320 x 240
Focus:Auto Focus -- 0.23cm
Manual Focus -- 0.10cm
Macro --10cm (fixed)
White Balance:Automatic
Manual -- 3 mode selectable
Shutter Speed:1/4 second to 1/1,000th second
Manual Selectable
F2.8, F5.6 and F11
Self Timer:Built-in 10 seconds or 2 seconds
Time/Date Stamp:Yes
Infrared:IrDA Version 1.1 (Transfer Rate 1.152Mbps) and Ir-TranP
Video Out:NTSC and PAL (Selectable)
Sleep Mode:LCD auto off in selectable times of 15 second, 30 second or 1 minute
(Reactivation by pressing shutter)
Special Recording Modes:Sports -- Programmed for faster shutter speed to capture action.
Night Scene -- Programmed for slower shutter speed to capture more detail in dim light situations.
Black and White -- Programmed for improved grayscale capture of a black and white image.
Sepia -- Adds a sepia tint to the image to give the appearance of an antique image.
Past Shooting -- While in the record mode the QV camera is always capturing and storing images. You can actually capture up to 12.8 seconds of MiniMovie action before you press the shutter
Future Shooting -- Captures up to 12.8 seconds of MiniMovie action after you press the shutter.
Continuous Shooting -- Continues to capture images (1 second apart) as long as the shutter is held.
MiniMovie:Extended Play (Up to 12.8 Seconds)
3.2 seconds--320 x 240 (1/4 VGA) by 5fps
6.4 seconds -- 160 x 120 (1/4 Q-VGA) by 10fps
12.8 seconds --160 x 320 (1/4 Q-VGA) by 5fps
MiniMovie View -- the image will play on the built-in screen or to a TV.
MiniMovie PC Save--A MiniMovie file can be saved, using the included software Spin Object, as an .avi file. .avi files can be e-mailed.
An .avi file can be viewed using ActiveMovie control (included with Windows(R) 95) When an .avi file is received, double click and the file should open.
MiniMovie PC to QV -- Permits MiniMovies to be sent from PC to QV-7000SX.
Panoramic Capable:Panorama Capture Guide -- Part of the previous image remains on the cameras screen. Superimpose the next image to obtain proper alignment. You can capture up to 360 degrees.
Panorama View -- the image will scroll left to right on the built-in screen or to a TV.
Panorama PC Save -- The individual images can be saved to a PC. Using the included software, Spin Panorama, you can reassemble the images into a panoramic image again. Spin Panorama can save the file as a .mov file. .mov files can be e-mailed.
An .mov file can be viewed using Movie Player (included with Windows(R) 95) When an .mov file is received, double click and the file should open.
:Mega-Pixel Resolution (1.3-Million Pixels)
:Removable 8 MB CompactFlash Card