Fujifilm F50fd Digital Camera

Fujifilm Updated: 2007-09-19
Fujifilm F50fd Digital Camera

Face Detection 2.0
With the expanded range of Face Detection 2.0, every face is clear and bright! It finds faces even if tilted or in full profile, and optimizes focus and brightness. You just frame the shot, press the shutter and enjoy the beautiful results.

The F50fd Gives a New Extended Range of Face Detection
Other cameras with face detection can't 'lock on' if the subject has turned sideways or is lying down. The F50fd's Face Detection 2.0 finds a face at almost any angle, leaving you to concentrate on what you're good at - capturing enduring memories of beauty and expression.

Get Stunning Results with Auto Optimization
New Face Detection 2.0 does all the work in an instant, leaving you free to frame and snap those fleeting family moments. This next-generation technology not only finds and focuses the faces with precision, but it also optimizes exposure for bright natural faces and even enhances tonal quality by setting the ideal white balance.

Ban Red Eye from your Pictures for Ever
Red eye is one of biggest reasons why one's best pictures are ruined. The F50fd employs impressive technology to instantly and automatically correct ugly red eye either as the shot is taken or in playback. Your precious little devils will be turned into darling little angels!

Up to 10 Faces Detected Almost Instantly
With Face detection, group photos are not only easier to shoot but also more fun when you play them back. You just frame the shot, and Face Detection does the work, simultaneously and accurately finding up to 10 faces for bright, clear results. During playback of group portraits, you can “Zoom Up” on detected faces and check them one by one. If you find a priceless expression, Face Detection and high resolution are ready to automatically “Crop” and save a “portrait” of the detected face.

12 M Super CCD
Fujifilm's proprietary Super CCD technology delivers a stunning 12 megapixel resolution, enabling you to crop or enlarge part of your picture without loss of quality.

Higher Sensitivity without the Noise
The F50fd's high sensitivity sensor and processor doesn't need to rely on flash for those precious family pictures. Double noise reduction identifies, separates and removes noise from the picture to give clear, sharp results even in a dark scene.

Dual IS (Image Stabilization)
Low-light pictures are so often spoilt in conventional cameras by image blur. The F50fd employs a dual image stabilization system to give crisp results every time.

High-Performance Functions
The FinePix F50fd offers convenient functions to assist you during both shooting and playback. Various shooting modes make it easy to take beautiful photos in more situations, and blog mode makes it even more fun after shooting!

Stylish Design & Various Features
The FinePix F50fd offers various attractive features such as Micro Thumbnail View, Wide View Film, xD/SD Compatible Slot and more!