Fujifilm FinePix A920 Digital Camera

FUJIFILM Updated: 2007-09-23
Fujifilm FinePix A920 Digital Camera

9.0 Megapixel Image Quality
The exceptional image quality of Fujifilm's high-performance 9.0-megapixel Super CCD HR image sensor produces sharper, more brilliant, higher resolution pictures, suitable for big-screen display or printing at enlarged sizes.

Real Photo Technology for Beautiful Photos
Fujifilm's RP (Real Photo) Processor complements the performance of the unique 9.0-megapixel Super CCD HR to deliver crisp, sharp images with minimal noise. The FinePix A920 also features Intelligent Flash Technology, ensuring attractive, natural-looking pictures without the washed-out look of conventional flash photos.

Quality Enhanced by Cropping
With 9.0-megapixel image quality, photos taken with the FinePix A920 can be cropped and enlarged for added visual impact, creating impressive images that maintain all the vivid color and detail of the scene.

4x Optical Zoom
The FinePix A920 combines a 4x optical zoom with a max 7.6x digital zoom. A digital zoom mode is included as one of the convenient shooting modes on the mode dial. In this mode, the high-performance Super CCD ensures sharp, clear images at 12x (4x optical + 3x digital) zoom ratio.

Intelligent Flash + High Sensitivity
Intelligent Flash combines with high sensitivity (max ISO 800) to ensure attractive flash photos with optimum exposure of both background detail and foreground subject, making it easy to preserve atmosphere and mood in various lighting conditions.

Large & Bright 2.7-inch LCD Monitor
The large, bright, 2.7-inch LCD monitor lets you compose great photos with ease. It also displays an easy-to-read graphical user interface that explains and confirms camera settings at a glance, letting you shoot with confidence.

Versatile Shooting Modes
The 920 features a wide variety of shooting modes including pre-programmed scene positions that provide high quality photos in various shooting conditions.