Hitachi MG-120 Video Server

Hitachi Updated: 2007-10-01
Hitachi MG-120 Video Server

The Hitachi MG-120S MPEG Video Server provides an industry-leading turnkey system that gives any size company many advantages to monitoring their business. Hitachi's innovative and advanced digital compression technology puts us at the forefront of streaming audio and video to deliver lower costs and bandwidth demands which enable incredible feature-rich data at your fingertips.

* Single Channel MPEG1 video server up to 30fps

* MJPEG up to 8fps

* One alarm input, installs direct to NTSC cameras

* RS-232C for p/t/z control

* Resolution of 352x240 MPEG1 and 704x480 for JPEG

* Protocols supported include TCP/IP, NTP and FTP