KP-D591 High-sensitivity Digital Camera

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-25
KP-D591 High-sensitivity Digital Camera

High Sensitivity 1/2'' CCD Color DSP Camera.

Ideal for outdoor observation applications.

Useable at Levels from 100,000 lx to 0.01 lx

480 TV Lines of Resolution, 50db Signal-to-noise ratio.

Integration Mode with Built-In Field Memory.

Thermoelectrically Cooled CCD for low-noise video.

Electronic Shutter with AES function

Backlight Correction and Digital Noise Reduction Mode.

Auto Tracking and Manual White Balance Modes.

RS-232C Remote Control.

Electronic Zoom function.

Composite (VBS) video output.

Command protocol and data format are available upon request for custom control applications.

Available in NTSC and PAL TV system versions.