Kodak Easyshare M763 Digital Camera

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Kodak Easyshare M763 Digital Camera

A pocket full of style.
7.2 MP for prints up to 20 × 30 in. (50 × 76 cm)
3X optical zoom
HD picture capture
Face detection
Digital image stabilization
Li-Ion rechargeable battery included
Choose from many stylish colors

Amazing quality prints with 7.2 MP

7.2 MP means you can make stunning prints up to 20 × 30 in. (50 × 76 cm)
However you choose to print - at home, at retail, or online - trust Kodak for picture quality that's truly exceptional and for memories that will last

3X optical zoom lens

3X optical zoom (35 mm equivalent: 34–102 mm) gets you closer to your subjects without reducing image quality
The KODAK AF 3X Optical Aspheric Lens captures crisp details
5X digital zoom enlarges your pictures even more

True HD quality: capture stunning pictures

HD picture capture
Capture beautiful HD pictures in 16:9 format
View your pictures in high definition on an HDTV or other HD devices
KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV Dock (optional accessory)
Elevate your high definition experience - view your images on your HDTV using the KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV Dock.
Show off your still photography in vivid HD
Connect to your HDTV Dock however you want; place your KODAK EASYSHARE Camera on it, use an SD card, USB flash drive, or card reader attached to the USB port
Display your photos as single pictures, multi-up, or in slideshow format

Picture enhancing and editing features

The M763 is simple to use and packed with the features you need to get great looking pictures. Plus, it's pocketable and available in stylish colors with optional fun accessories - all at a price you can afford.
Face detection technology
For great shots of friends and family, face detection technology locates faces and automatically adjusts camera settings
Digital image stabilization
Reduce blur caused by camera shake or subject movement
Make your pictures as vivid as the moment you took them. Print better, brighter pictures using KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology.
Make better, brighter pictures
Relive your memories in richer detail
Clear up dark shadows to reveal more smiles
High ISO
Capture the details in low light conditions and fast action situations with high ISO (up to 1600)
Customize your experience
Make a statement - pocketable with stylish colors and fun accessories to choose from including bags, wrist straps, and neck straps
Selectable sound themes available
Shoot video with ease
Record continuous VGA video (640 × 480) at 15 fps with sound and on-camera editing
Video print options include 1, 4, 9, and 16-up prints
Multimedia slide show
Tell your story your way using the multimedia slide show feature.
Show off your pictures
Get a good look at your pictures on the large 2.7 in. (6.9 cm) indoor/outdoor color display
Whether you shoot your pictures vertically or horizontally, view them right side up with auto picture rotation
Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Don't miss a shot with the security of in-camera charging and the power of the Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Scene modes and picture enhancing features
Capture a great shot time after time with 20 scene and 3 color modes such as portrait, children, snow, beach, and backlight
Combine up to three shots into one large picture with on-camera panorama stitch mode
Easily create great shots with features such as on-camera cropping, blurry picture alert, and digital red-eye reduction
Using the sound tagging feature, record names, dates, and events to go along with your pictures
Internal memory plus
Don't miss a shot if your memory card becomes full - switch to in-camera memory quickly, thanks to the internal memory plus feature
16 MB internal memory and SD/SDHC card expansion slot let you start shooting right out of the box

The simple way to share

The M763 is part of the KODAK EASYSHARE System so sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. Just press Share.
On-camera Share button
Sharing starts right on the back of the camera
Have a picture you want to share? Tag it using the exclusive on-camera Share button and it will be ready to print or e-mail later
Use the Favorites feature to keep your special pictures close without filling up your internal memory
KODAK EASYSHARE Software (included)
The simplest way to find, create, and share.
The award-winning, elegant design makes your pictures the star of the show for a more enjoyable viewing experience
English, French, and German photo card templates turn pictures into 4 × 6 in. (10 × 15 cm) announcements, invitations, holiday cards, and more, right at home
Get more out of KODAK EASYSHARE Software with a variety of useful tips
Use KODAK EASYSHARE Software to access your pictures at the KODAK Gallery - then view, edit, and save them to My Collection
KODAK EASYSHARE Camera Dock Series 3 (optional accessory)
Transfer your pictures at the touch of a button
Instantly upload pictures to your computer for viewing, printing, and e-mailing
Charges your KODAK Camera Battery in less than 3.5 hours
USB connection (USB 2.0 compatible)

Simple ways to print your pictures at home

Real KODAK Pictures are just a touch away with our convenient home printing options.
KODAK EASYSHARE G610 Printer Dock (optional accessory, where available)
One touch to KODAK Lab Quality Prints
Waterproof, stain-resistant prints that last a lifetime
Automatic KODAK Camera Battery recharging
Transfer pictures to a computer at the touch of a button
Compatible with KODAK Color Cartridge & Photo Paper Kit / G

Ready to go - right out of the box

Unpack the M763 and you're ready to shoot. It's that simple.
KODAK EASYSHARE M763 Digital Camera
KODAK Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery KLIC-7001
AC adapter for in-camera charging
USB cable
Wrist strap
Getting Started Guide with KODAK EASYSHARE Software
Custom camera insert for optional KODAK EASYSHARE Camera and Printer Docks