Kodak Easyshare Z812 IS Zoom Digital Camera

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Kodak Easyshare Z812 IS Zoom Digital Camera

Get in touch with your inner photographer. Create it.
Optical image stabilization
Enjoy sharp 8.2 MP resolution
HD quality photos and 720p (30 frames per second) video
HD stills from video
Enhance your action shots with best in class click-to-capture speed (0.23 sec) and auto-focus accuracy
High ISO (up to 3200)
Face detection technology

Zoom it.

Powerful zoom, precision optics
The all glass 12X SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON Optical Zoom Lens (36–432 mm) zooms in fast to deliver extraordinary creative performance
Fast f/2.8–f/4.8
Optical image stabilization
Capture sharp, steady shots when shooting at long zoom ranges
Optical mechanical image stabilization automatically minimizes camera shake to deliver sharper pictures
Best-in-class click-to-capture speed
0.23-second click-to-capture speed means you can capture that challenging action shot without delay

Shoot it.

8.2 MP resolution
The 8.2 MP sensor delivers excellent resolution for prints up to 30 × 40 in. (76 × 102 cm)  - you can crop your pictures and still get stunning quality
Eight resolution settings give you the freedom to pick the one that's right for you

Get it.

High ISO mode
Faster shutter speeds mean you can capture scenes in low light and fast action
The camera automatically selects from ISO 64 to ISO 1600 based on lighting conditions
ISO 3200 available at 2.2 MP and less in PASM modes
Face detection technology
For great shots of your family and friends, face detection technology locates up to 10 faces and automatically adjusts the focus and exposure for you
Make your pictures as vivid as the moment you took them. Print better, brighter pictures using KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology.
Make better, brighter pictures
Relive your memories in richer detail
Clear up dark shadows to reveal more smiles
Exclusive KODAK Color Science Image Processing Chip
Capture natural details, accurate flesh tones, and breathtaking color with the KODAK Color Science Chip.
A new high speed digital processor chip, advanced algorithms, and hardware acceleration features let the Z812 IS make simultaneous, split-second decisions to produce rich, vibrant, true-to-life colors in almost any lighting situation
Every time you click the shutter, the KODAK Color Science Chip performs an instantaneous and advanced analysis of collected scene data to identify and adjust multiple factors that influence picture quality
Scene light source is detected and adjustments are made to capture bright whites and true, vivid colors under difficult lighting conditions - fluorescent, tungsten, or daylight
Scene content is analyzed for luminance, focal distance, subject matter orientation, and color to determine the correct exposure and capture the natural details, accurate flesh tones, and rich colors you see in your composition

See it.

2.5 in. (6.4 cm) color display
View pictures with brilliance and clarity on the high resolution indoor/outdoor 2.5 in. (6.4 cm) color display or the high resolution electronic viewfinder (EVF)
Whether you shoot your pictures vertically or horizontally, view them right-side-up with auto picture rotation
In review mode, quickly magnify up to 8X, fast scroll through pictures, or view multi-up

Relive it.

True HD quality: capture stunning pictures and videos.
HD picture capture
Capture beautiful HD pictures in 16:9 format
View your pictures in high definition on an HDTV or other HD devices
HD video features
Capture HD quality video
Capture more video while using less memory with MPEG-4 compression
Print multiple frames on a 4 × 6 in. (10 × 15 cm) print
Save single frames and e-mail family and friends
Mark special spots in your video with video bookmarking
KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV Dock (optional accessory)
Elevate your high definition experience - view your images on your HDTV using the KODAK EASYSHARE HDTV Dock.
Experience HD video playback at 720p
Show off your still photography in vivid HD
Connect to your HDTV Dock however you want; place your KODAK EASYSHARE Camera on it, use an SD card, USB flash drive, or card reader attached to the USB port
Display your photos as single pictures, multi-up, or in slideshow format

Direct it.

Simple to use creative control including video
Record VGA video (640 × 480) at 30 fps with sound
Zoom during video for increased versatility
Image stabilization enables steady capture
Capture more video while using less memory with MPEG-4 compression
Print multiple frames (4, 9, 16-up) on a 4 × 6 in. (10 × 15 cm) print
Save single frames and e-mail family and friends
Features audio capture, playback, and on-camera video editing
Picture enhancing and editing features
Capture and create consistently great pictures by utilizing features such as on-camera cropping, histogram, and panorama stitch mode
Internal memory plus
Don't miss a shot if your memory card becomes full - switch to in-camera memory quickly, thanks to the internal memory plus feature
32 MB internal memory, SDHC card expansion slot lets you start shooting right out of the box
On-camera cropping
Crop in tight to see the important details
Histogram feature
Verify the exposure of your picture using the histogram feature on live view, quick view, and review
Panorama stitch mode
Create panoramic shots by combining up to three shots together into one large picture with panorama stitch mode
Smart scene mode
Capture stunning shots with ease - smart scene mode automatically selects the best scene mode for you.
Available modes include: portrait, night portrait, back light, candle light, flower, text, close-up, landscape, and snow/beach
If a scene mode cannot be detected, the camera will default to Auto

Control it.

Program auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual modes
Program mode (P) - camera sets optimal shutter speed and aperture combination
Aperture priority mode (A) - you choose aperture, the camera sets shutter speed
Shutter priority mode (S) - you choose shutter speed, the camera sets aperture
Manual mode (M) -  you choose both the aperture and shutter speed
Manual controls
Exposure compensation - ±2.0 EV in 1/3 EV step increments
Aperture - f/2.8 (wide), f/4.8 (tele)
Shutter speed - automatic; 16–1/1000
ISO equivalents - (automatic) 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Auto focus - TTL imager AF system
Exposure metering - multi-pattern, center-weighted, spot (zone tracks with 5 focus zone)
White balance - auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, open shade
Flash mode - auto, off, fill, red-eye preflash

Choose it.

Get great shots time after time with 16 scene and 5 color modes
Manual scene modes
Portrait modes - portrait, night portrait, backlight
Landscape modes - landscape, night landscape, fireworks
Bright scene modes – sport, beach, and snow
Action modes – sport and children
Close-up modes - flower
Text/Documents mode - ensures sharp text when photographing documents
Manner/Museum mode - use when sound or flash are not desired
5 color modes
High color
Low color
Natural color
Black and white

Feel it.

Capture challenging action shots with one hand
The sleek, ergonomic design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

Share it.

The Z812 IS is part of the KODAK EASYSHARE System, so sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. Just press Share.
On-camera Share button
Sharing starts right on the back of the camera
Have a picture you want to share? Tag it using the exclusive on-camera Share button and it will be ready to print or e-mail later
Use the Favorites feature to keep special pictures close without filling up your internal memory
KODAK EASYSHARE Software (included)
The simplest way to find, create, and share.
The award-winning, elegant design makes your pictures the star of the show for a more enjoyable viewing experience
English, French, and German photo card templates turn pictures into 4 × 6 in. (10 × 15 cm) announcements, invitations, holiday cards, and more, right at home
Get more out of KODAK EASYSHARE Software with a variety of useful tips
Use KODAK EASYSHARE Software to access your pictures at the KODAK Gallery - then view, edit, and save them to My Collection
Automatically print better, brighter pictures, time after time, with KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology and our award winning KODAK Printers and Printer Docks
KODAK EASYSHARE Camera Dock Series 3 (optional accessory)
Transfers your pictures and charges your battery at the touch of a button
Instantly uploads pictures to your computer for viewing, printing, and e-mailing
Charges your KODAK Camera Battery in less than 3.5 hours
USB connection (USB 2.0 full speed compliant)

Print it.

Real KODAK Pictures are just a touch away with our convenient home printing options.
KODAK EASYSHARE G610 Printer Dock (optional accessory, where available)
One touch to KODAK Lab Quality Prints
Waterproof, stain-resistant prints that last a lifetime
Automatic KODAK Camera Battery recharging
Transfer pictures to a computer at the touch of a button
Compatible with KODAK Color Cartridge & Photo Paper Kit / G
KODAK EASYSHARE G600 Printer Dock (optional accessory, where available)
One touch to KODAK Lab Quality Prints
Portable! Built-in handle and paper tray storage
Waterproof, fingerprint proof, stain-resistant, wipeable pictures that last a lifetime
Compatible with KODAK Color Cartridge & Photo Paper Kit / G
KODAK EASYSHARE Photo Printer 500 (optional accessory)
Print real KODAK Pictures from digital media cards and USB devices, including PictBridge-enabled digital cameras
View and edit on the large 3.5 in. (8.9 cm) display
Works with or without a computer
Features KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology for better, brighter prints
Features red-eye reduction
Wireless capability (Wi-Fi ready, BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology enabled)

Use it.

Unpack the Z812 IS and you're ready to shoot. It doesn't get any easier.
KODAK EASYSHARE Z812 IS Zoom Digital Camera
KODAK Lithium Digital Camera Battery CRV3
USB and audio/video cables
Lens cap with strap
Neck strap
Getting Started Guide with KODAK EASYSHARE Software
Custom camera insert for optional KODAK EASYSHARE Camera and Printer Docks