Leaf AFi-II Digital Camera System

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Leaf AFi-II Digital Camera System

The Leaf AFi-II system is the model for ergonomic handling. The imaging module, interchangeable viewfinder, display screens, handgrip positions and sensor orientation adjust to suit any shooting style. The bright LCD touch screen tilts up to 90º for easy viewing from nearly any angle both indoors and out. These are just a few of the innovative features that make the Leaf AFi-II the most flexible camera in the world.

Best Material
Integrates the best materials and technology to deliver a unique experience in digital photography:
- Best-of-class German lenses
- Easy-to-use controls on a rugged
- Ergonomically designed body housing some of the industry's most revolutionary features
- Widest, most versatile sensor on the market and integrated Leaf Capture workflow software

Ease of use
Choose any of the Leaf AFi-II camera systems to meet your unique needs.

From full automatic to fine control and advanced features
Easy-to-use controls enable quick changes and verification of settings.
Quick-change orientation
Change from landscape to portrait orientation with a turn of the Leaf Verto internal sensor rotation dial. Keep your eye on your subject while the icons in the viewfinder change orientation as the hermetically sealed sensor locks in place.
Sensor flexibility
Crop on the fly to standard pre-set formats before you shoot with Leaf SensorFlex. Get the dimensions, file size and transfer rates that are best suited to your work.

Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic design make the Leaf AFi-II comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Adjustable handgrip
Balanced center of gravity and easy access to controls
Tilting LCD touch screen
Only Leaf offers a large 6x7cm (3.5”) touch screen display. 90º adjustable tilt. Change the angle of the display to easily adjust settings and perform file management tasks
Tethered shooting
Check your shots and their histograms directly on the LCD screen, without looking back and forth at the computer
Large, brighter touch screen
Brighter with higher contrast for great visibility under all kinds of challenging lighting conditions, both indoors and out

Range of Features
Enjoy maximum flexibility with a wide range of features for your shoot.

Three viewfinder options
Reposition the viewfinder to make any shoot comfortable:
90°, 45° and waist level viewfinders. 45° and 90° viewfinders can be mounted perpendicular to the lens in both directions.All viewfinders enable full functionality, including built-in light metering and information display. Bright, internal LCD on the viewfinder offers a full display of the camera's essential settings.
Easily check brightness levels in a histogram. View on the LCD touch screen, hand grip display and with Leaf Capture software on a Mac or PC.
Focus trap
Set the camera to shoot automatically when subject reaches a specific focus distance. Capture subject at just the right moment, using autofocus to eliminate the guesswork.
Focus bracketing
Shoot a series with slight focus adjustments at a set interval. Automatically adjusts the plane of focus for each shot. Use third-party focus stacking software to combine the planes of focus into a single file.

Designed for in studio or outdoors, even for use with a wide range of large format cameras.

User button
Simple to program for a variety functions
Conveniently located on the side of the imaging module for easy reach while shooting portable.
Preview the shoot with your clients
Using Leaf WiView via Bluetooth, client or art director can view shots on wireless devices such as HP iPAQ Pocket PC.
Open to third-party applications
View, manipulate and process Leaf RAW files with Adobe Photoshop CS3, Bridge and Photoshop Lightroom, Irident Digital Raw Developer, Silkypix and Bibble. Leaf RAW files are natively supported by the Apple Mac OS/X allowing for full Leaf RAW support in Aperture, Finder thumbnails, Coverflow, iPhoto as well as many other applications.
Leaf AFi-II imaging module is compatible with over 80 large- and medium format cameras