Leica R9 Digital SLR Camera

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Leica R9 Digital SLR Camera

The LEICA R9 is the meticulously handcrafted centerpiece of a carefully conceived system of professional calibre photography. Based on closely coordinated system components, this ultra-high-performance camera can be adapted to specific tasks and situations. With maximum precision, high-grade materials, sophisticated electronics and all the controls in just the right place, the LEICA R9 is designed to help you express your creative ideas .It produces brilliant pictures even in the most difficult lighting conditions - a camera you can always rely on whether it's set for automatic or manual control.

You also have the pleasure of working with a thoroughly unique camera. From macro to ultra-wide to super telephoto, Leica R lenses, based on decades of proven performance, will deliver outstanding optical quality whichever capture mode you choose.

Full control: A great viewfinder

The R9's brilliant, high-contrast viewfinder image is a perfect framing and control tool, a crucial asset in composing, focusing, assessing the image and checking depth of field. The exceptional brilliance of the image quality offered by the Leica R lenses is also revealed at the first glance through the viewfinder. The viewfinder displays located beneath the image, clearly readable in all conditions, present all the relevant information instantly. The built-in diopter control and high-eyepoint eyepiece make viewing a real pleasure, with or without glasses.

Superior handling

The solid metal body fits comfortably in your hands. All the controls are easily reachable and intuitive to use, without having to take your eye away from the viewfinder.

Precise exposure

The Leica R9 features selective and integral metering as well as a sophisticated multi-field metering system. The various exposure programmes provide added speed, flexibility and reliability. A built-in flash exposure meter guarantees the right exposure at all times in the studio. The result is perfect exposure control no matter what.

Choice of transport mode

When you are working with film, the LEICA R9 can be configured with a choice of various drives: quietly by hand using the camera's manual advance lever; conveniently and discreetly with the LEICA MOTOR WINDER R9, or professionally at high speed with the LEICA MOTOR DRIVE R9.