Olympus E-20N Digital Camera

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-06
Olympus E-20N Digital Camera


* 5.0 megapixel (effective), 5.2 megapixel (gross) CCD Interlaced scan mode
* 2.5 megapixel (effective) Progressive scan mode
* Auto-Connect USB (Storage Class USB) Windows® XP and Macintosh® OSX ready
* Dual Card Slots: SmartMediaTM, CompactFlashTM Type I and II; and IBM MicrodriveTM support
* Faster playback and review capabilities than previous Olympus models
* TruePicTM technology helps produce smooth and true photographic images
* Noise Reduction assists in providing clear, clean images in long exposures
* PC Flash Sync for Studio and PC Sync flashes
* Adjustable LCD monitor can be viewed at angles of 20-, 0-, or 90-degrees, or in the automatic or manual mode
* User-selectable Auto White Balance, 7 Pre-set White Balances from 3000K to 7500K, and one-touch manual white balance
* Compatible with all Olympus E-10 accessories

CCD Imager:5.0 Megapixel [Effective] Interlaced Scan Mode [IS],2.5 Megapixel [Effective] Progressive Scan Mode [PS]
CCD Imager:5.2 Megapixel [Gross Pixel count CCD]
CCD Size:(in inches) 2/3" (.66") RGB CCD
ISO: User Selectable: Auto, 80, 160, 320 (equivalent)
Recording mode(s):Still image: EXIF TIFF (non-compressed), EXIF JPEG, RAW (orf),DCF (design rule for Camera File system)