Olympus i-SPEED 2 High Speed Video Camera

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus i-SPEED 2 High Speed Video Camera

Whether it’s improving manufacturing efficiency, lowering production costs, improving product design in Research and Development, or passenger safety in automotive and aerospace testing, the new generation of i-SPEED cameras  offer even greater flexibility, portability and enhanced features providing instant imaging, analysis and fast download in an easy to use package.

Faster microprocessor - download speed increased
MJPEG compression - increased download speed and reduced data file size
Image processing on CDU - make images brighter/ darker, manipulate and save them for the best results
Report generator - create powerful presentations using dedicated software

- Recording speeds of up to 33,000fps
- 800 x 600 resolution at 1000fps
- Monochrome and color cameras
- Standard and High G versions
- Download to computer via compact flash card or Ethernet
- Continuous live video streaming from four outputs

Olympus i-SPEED 2 has been designed and developed with portability, functionality and ease of use as paramount features. Just power up and immediately you can capture high speed events.

Data analysis and measurements are available immediately, allowing you to make informed diagnostic decisions to improve productivity and system efficiency.

i-SPEED 2 with RCP (Remote Control Pad)

Olympus i-SPEED 2 can be controlled by the small, lightweight Remote Control Pad (RCP that is supplied as part of the standard set).

The images can be viewed on a standard composite monitor, SVGA PC monitor or digital recording device.

A Menu system is provided specifically for the RCP, making operation user friendly and intuitive.

i-SPEED 2 with CDU (Controller Display Unit)

The unique Olympus CDU incorporates an 8.4" high resolution LCD monitor, giving the user a small, compact and easy to operate system. No extra monitor or PC is required for operation.

Incorporating an intuitive user-friendly menu structure, the user can operate the system by the simple press of a button, setting speed and shutter, zoom and pan and record. Distance, velocity and angular displacement measurements are possible on the playback image. The ’clip select editor’ allows the user to quickly identify and save relevant image frames. You can save only what you need, therefore optimising download.

i-SPEED 2 with PC Connection

The basic software provided with all cameras allows complete camera control from a PC or laptop. Directly connected via Ethernet, ’live’ images can be viewed from a position remote from the camera location.

Depending on software requirements, a number of options are available. These include Advanceed and Deluxe packages, Data Acquisition and IRIG/GPS Hardware modules.
Recommended PC Specifications:
- Windows 2000
- 2GHz Processor
- 512MB of memory
- 20GB hard disc
- High speed graphics adaptor (AGP or equivalent, 64MB preferred, Multimedia capable)
- CD writer
- 100BaseT Ethernet