Panasonic AK-HC1800N Native 1080i Multi-Purpose 3-CCD Camera

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Panasonic AK-HC1800N Native 1080i Multi-Purpose 3-CCD Camera

The AK-HC1800N delivers the highest-quality HD video possible in a compact, multi-purpose camera. Designed for high-end HD video applications including pan-tilt or point-of-view uses, this 2/3" 2.2-megapixel 3-CCD multipurpose camera produces native 1080i high definition images with extraordinary low light sensitivity (F10 at 2000 lx) and clarity (60dB signal-to-noise ratio; -130dB smear level). In addition to superb resolution and color reproduction, the camera offers users a host of high-end image controls and functions, including Dynamic Range Stretch and a 12-axis color matrix adjustment for fine adjustment in hue and saturation.

The HC1800N is a versatile HD solution for applications ranging from broadcast (news and reality) to weather or traffic reporting (tower-cam), from image magnification (sports, concerts, house of worship) to the unique angles of sports coverage. For flexible integration, the remote-controllable HC1800N is compatible with Panasonic's comprehensive line of high-performance indoor/outdoor pan-tilt systems.

• Captures native 1080i high definition video at 1080/59.94i
• Advanced processing and on-chip lens performance ensures natural looking, virtually noise-free HD video in various lighting conditions (60dB S/N, Modulation Factor: more than 45% (27.5MHz), and Smear Level: -130dB)
• A single-channel transfer system and spatial offset processing reduce aliasing and ensure superior resolution
• 14-bit DSP technology and 14-bit A/D converter for extraordinary picture quality
• "Intelligent" functionality provides programmable, unattended automatic adjustment of key image functions (e.g. iris control, gain, and ND filter), ideal for tower-cam and other remote applications.
• Advanced image controls and functions include Cine Gamma™ curve to produce film-like tones, exclusive Panasonic Dynamic Range Stretch with real-time gamma correction and a 12-Axis color matrix
• Built-in motor driven ND filters: Cap, 100%, 25%, 6.3%, 1.6% for optimal exposure in a wide range of lighting conditions
• Also compatible with Fujinon and Canon 2/3rd" HD motor drive lenses, and other 3rd party peripherals and systems from Telemetrics, Autoscript, Telescript, Telecast and more.
• Compact size: 3-9/16" x 4-10/16" x 6-5/16" (W x H x D)
• Low power consumption: Approx.17W (at 12VDC)
• Lightweight: Approx. 3.3lbs (1.5kg)