Panasonic AK-HC910 HD Camera

Panasonic Updated: 2007-07-01
Panasonic AK-HC910 HD Camera

The AK-HC910 camera system is ideal for sports, boom or jib mount, point of view, medical imaging, government, high-resolution surveillance, or any application where compactness and high definition resolution are important.

•  2.2 million pixel high definition 3-CCD camera system provides exceptional image quality, sensitivity, and mimimal smear

•  Single-channel transfer system and spatial-offset processing technologies provide improved depth of modulation in high frequency areas

•  Low power consumption and compact design

•  12-vector variable masking circuit allows precise and independent hue and saturation adjustment of individual colors

•  Enhanced DTL signal processing in horizontal and vertical directions, as well as diagonally both in dark and brightly lit areas of the image, ensures high picture quality with minimal noise