Panasonic AW-RP400 Pan/Tilt Controller

Panasonic Updated: 2007-07-01
Panasonic AW-RP400 Pan/Tilt Controller

The AW-RP400 is a high performance controller for Professional or Broadcast use.

With professional and easy to use controls, along with reverse-polarity dual joysticks, the AW-RP400 controller provides precise and extremely accurate access to W-PH400 pan-tilt head and full camera CCU control.

This high-performing controller comes with up to 50 pre-set positions per camera and a unique tracing memory feature that records up to 300 seconds of moves on 10 different pre-set buttons.

•  Changeable zoom/focus controller (joystick/seesaw option standard)
•  Joystick with camera roll control and speed control knobs for pan, tilt, zoom, iris, focus
•  50 pre-set positions
•  5 pan-tilt heads control
•  Zoom/Focus/Pan/Tilt speed control
•  Tally/Intercom function
•  10 minutes tracing memory (60 seconds x 10 positions)
•  RS-232C interface
•  Maximum control distance: 1,640 ft
•  Cross control by two controllers
•  Camera control inputs (AW-CB400 or WV-CB700A)
•  +DC12V operation (AC adapter, AW-PS505A is required)