Philips SIC4525BB Digital Camera

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Philips SIC4525BB Digital Camera

Slip it into a pocket or purse -- this sleek camera goes anywhere you do. Captures video with audio so you can take your favorite TV shows anywhere. Loaded with everything you need to take your best shot every time.

2.4" color TFT LCD screen
This oversized display screen makes it easy to compose pictures and offers easy access to the control menu.

5 Megapixel sensor
The number of megapixels determines the clarity of the image. 5 MP delivers a clean, sharp image with excellent picture detail.

8x digital zoom for superb close-ups
Zoom in and out to get the perfect framing for any image. You control the zoom entirely via the onscreen interface while you're looking at the image so you can adjust it perfectly.

Easy control menu
Get exactly the shot you want with convenient access over all aspects of your imaging: resolution, exposure, flash and magnification.

Easily transfer images to your PC
User-friendly software allows you to easily upload your pictures to your PC. You can then print them, edit them and share them with others.

Plays and records through TV
Easily record from or play thorough a TV or other a/v source.

Records video with audio
Enjoy a live soundtrack that accompanies your video footage

SD expansion slot
Expand the camera's memory with picture storage disc cards.

Lithium ion rechargeable battery
May be used over and over again to power the camera


Digital zoom: 8X
Expansion slot: SD

Size (inch): 2.4 inch

Still Picture Capturing
Image sensor type: CMOS

Video & snapshot capturing
Sensor resolution: 5.1 MP

Storage Media
Mass storage class compliant: yes

PictBridge: Yes