Polaroid i1035 Digital Camera

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Polaroid i1035 Digital Camera

* 3.0" color LCD screen
* 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom
* Anti-shake image stabilization
* Face tracking
* In-camera red-eye removal

Available in: black, titanium


* 10.0 megapixels for pictures with sharp detail
* 3.0" color LCD screen for previewing images before you shoot
* 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom lets you zoom in on your image
* 16MB built-in storage
* SD compatible for expanded memory
* USB connects your camera to your computer
* Anti-shake image stabilization eliminates blurry images from shaky hands or moving objects
* Face tracking for perfect faces in your pictures
* In-camera red-eye removal
* Dynamic lighting enhancer improves under-exposed images
* 21 scene modes optimize settings for the type of photo you are taking
* Takes video clips with audio
* Automatic and manual exposure lets you get creative with every picture
* Electronic self-timer lets you get in the picture
* PictBridge compatible for transferring images to your computer

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