Ricoh GR DIGITAL II Digital Camera

Ricoh Updated: 2007-10-30
Ricoh GR DIGITAL II Digital Camera

GR LENS and new GR ENGINE II image processing engine

A camera that delivers the intended results. A camera that's advanced yet simple to operate, reliable and precision built. RICOH's GR DIGITAL has evolved to let you pursue your own ideals. Now comes the GR DIGITAL II. Boasting its forebears' superior imagery and sharpness that only the Ricoh GR Lens can provide yet achieving even higher image quality. In an amazingly compact, slim body - robustly constructed of lightweight diecast magnesium - the GR DIGITAL II encompasses enhanced expressive capability and adds new functions, along with improved operability that responds almost instantaneously to your commands. It's the kind of camera that urges you to use it, time and time again.

GR Lens: superb definition with low distortion all the way to the picture edge

The key criteria for lens performance , sharpness and low distortion, have been pursued without compromise. The widely acclaimed F2.4/f:5.9mm lens (35mm equivalent: 28mm) features improvements to compensate for various types of aberrations and vignetting on the subject's periphery - areas that are particularly problematic - to provide outstanding sharpness and high contrast all the way to the corners of the image as the data in the lens' MTF curve demonstrates. This achieves high image quality particularly when taking pan-focus shots. Other refinements include reduction in mechanical noise from the AF drive during focusing. The GR Lens is the story of constant efforts at improvement. The more the user understands photography, the more he or she will want to put this lens to use.

New 5-group 6-element retractable lens - the fusion of superb optical technology and mechanical engineering

New 5-group 6-element retractable lensThe brightness of a F2.4 aperture and various aberration compensation. The superb optical performance of the GR Lens is achieved by a 5-group, 6 element lens that incorporates 3-groups with 2 aspherical elements and high-precision assembly techniques for sharper images in a more compact size. Use of high quality optical glass and special lens polishing and multi-coating technologies ensure natural colour renditions, overall sharpness and excellent contrast characteristics. The design of an original "retracting lens system" allows for the lens to draw level into a thin, 25mm camera body. In the course of the lens retracting a portion of the optical system withdraws from atop of the optical axis, thereby realizing extreme high-precision and control of the lens unit - a successful merger of exceptional optical performance within a slim body form you can carry with you anywhere.

10.01 megapixel,1/1.75" CCD brings out of the best of the GR Lens'characteristics

The GR Lens takes pride in the capability of its high-definition lens to render subjects with fine detail and true-to-life reproduction. To bring out its optimal performance, GR DIGITAL II incorporates a 1/1.75" CCD with 10.01 megapixels, retaining definition, S/N ratio and dynamic range at previously high levels. Coupled with the GR Engine II, the expression of delicate lighting and image processing algorithm achieve superb picture quality, with reduced noise and fine gradations.

Advanced image engine GR ENGINE II with reduced noise

Along with the GR Lens, another source of the high picture quality is the GR Engine. Continuing with the sharp definition, natural noise reduction and faithful color reproduction of its predecessor model, the GR Digital II incorporates a new GR Engine II that boasts further advancements, like significant improvements in noise processing capabilities at high sensitivity settings. This ensures you can shoot at high sensitivity settings without concerns over loss of definition or chroma levels, thus expanding the range of shooting versatility. In addition to ISO 80-1600 sensitivity, a new AUTO-HI setting is provided.

User-selectable noise reduction function

In scenes where noise is likely to be a problem, GR DIGITAL II gives you the option of activating image noise reduction processing. When you want to enhance expression of tightly shaded areas or take time exposures, this ensures excellent resolution, tone characteristics and color saturation while achieving dramatic reduction in noise.
* Cannot be utilized when set in the Scene Modes

Seven-blade shutter for nearly round lens performance

One of the most pleasing effects in photography is the appearance of "out-of-focus" images - the areas in the picture around the main subject that can be distant and as such are not in sharp focus. This is heavily dependent of the quality and shape of the shutter. The design of the almost perfectly circular high-quality seven blade shutter is precisely controlled for correct exposures, from F2.4 to F11* in 1/3EV - even when closed down the light point is nearly circular - making for striking blur tones and photographic expression.
* When shooting in the Auto mode, an ND filter activates at stops above f7.1.  Seven-blade shutter for nearly round lens performance

Macro photography

Macro enables shooting from a distance of just 1.5cm from the subject. Since the AF target can be moved up or down and to the left or right, the macro focus will function smoothly even while the camera is set on a tripod.