Samsung GX10 dSLR Digital Camera

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Samsung GX10 dSLR Digital Camera

This professional-quality camera has a ton of convenient and cutting-edge features. The easy-to-use SAMSUNG GX-10 has been specifically engineered to deliver a breathtakingly vivid picture and help improve your photography skills. From the unmatched Penta Prism viewfinder to extensive RAW file support, the GX-10 guarantees outstanding results.

OPS with CCD Shift
When a picture is taken in dim light or from an unsteady stance, blurry pictures often result. GX-10's OPS system, located within the camera's body, enables you to obtain clear and shake-free pictures, even at slow shutter speeds or with a telephoto lens.

dust removal function
The GX-10 features an advanced dust removal function in which the CCD is lightly shaken at startup in order to shed any pesky dust that may have withstood the resistant coating. In addition to reducing the need for professional cleaning, this function ensures clear, flawless pictures.

sealed build for added protection
GX-10's body is specially crafted to resist the influx of water or dust. A secure silicone seal has been implemented at 72 different points, including the shutter and other important buttons, to ensure that nothing harmful enters the camera.

anti-dust coating
Every time a DSLR camera's lens is changed, the CCD is exposed to dust, which if settled, can manifest itself as a glaring flaw in pictures. In order to prevent this from happening, the GX-10's CCD features a special anti-dust coating that keeps pictures free of unsightly blemishes.

Glass Penta Prism
In an SLR camera, images that enter the lens are reflected in the viewfinder. The vividness and visibility ratio of what is seen are determined according to the use of the reflective device. In combination with the Glass Penta Prism, the GX-10's broad and clear viewfinder offers a fantastic 95% field of view with 0.95X magnification, ensuring a bright and clear view.

a new dimension of resolution
While common DSLR products utilize 16bit A/D conversion, GX-10 adopts a 22 bit A/D converter, which can process 1,024 times more image information at a time than other DSLR cameras. As such, it can express delicate colors, textures, sharpness, and a wide range of gradation.