Samsung L100 Digital Camera

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Samsung L100 Digital Camera

Slim, stylish and available in 5 colors. Want more? The SAMSUNG L100 is also packed with features like 3x optical zoom, digital image stabilization and face detection so your pictures come out looking amazing. Plus, with our photo help guide, you'll be back on track in no time no matter what issues you run into along the way. The L100 is easy-to-use and easy-to-enjoy no matter where you're capturing memories.

8.2 mega pixel mounted CCD
The 8.2 megapixel 1/2.5” high resolution CCD sensor allows for a high quality picture. Clear picture quality is achieved even for super size images larger than A2. A robust mounted image processor enables rich gradation, fast and clear high quality picture processing.

function description and photo help guide
If a problem is encountered during shooting, troubleshooting instructions are provided so that image correction can be easily performed by anybody. Step-by-step instructions are provided through the LCD for your convenience. When each camera function is set up, instructions for the corresponding function is provided so that the camera can be operated even by a beginner. Instructions regarding the entire camera functions such as shutter and aperture as well as shooting are also available.

shooting mode
AUTO, P Mode: After the brightness distribution in a shooting scene is measured, the exposure and focus are automatically adjusted.
M Mode: The shutter speed and aperture can be manually specified by the user.
DIS Mode: A shooting mode intended for low light conditions where digital correction of hand-shake is employed.
Photo Help Guide Mode: Instructions for beginners.
Portrait Mode: Ideal for portrait shots.
Scene Mode: Shooting data for 10 different situations.

3x optical zoom lens
The mounted inner zoom lens allows for a slim design and efficient operation. This results in enhanced usability and portability. Outstanding picture quality is achieved by the multi-coating on both sides of all lenses that prevents chromatic aberration and distortion.

DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)
The image is continuously pictured twice so that color information is extracted from one and shape information is extracted from the other one to present a clear image of natural color and minimized hand tremble. Hand tremble that can occur in outdoor or indoor shooting is minimized to present the natural color and clear image. The moving object is automatically detected to enable shooting of fast moving objects.

face detection function
Your subject's face is automatically detected, and brightness and focus are adjusted for optimal shots. When a subject is moving within a frame, it is automatically detected and tracked and Auto Exposure (AE) and Auto Focus (AF) are applied accordingly. Up to 9 subjects can be detected at a time to support reliable image composition for portrait and multiple subject shots.