Samsung NV24HD Digital Camera

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Samsung NV24HD Digital Camera

Introducing the amazing 10.2 MP SAMSUNG NV24HD camera. Representing the very best in compact camera technology, it boasts a 24mm wide-angle and a 3.6x optical zoom lens so you have a wider shooting range. Plus, now you can experience full HD quality with your camera. Capture images and record videos in high definition - then watch them on your HDTV in high-quality 720p resolution. Images are richly colored, crisp and clear, simply the best quality available in a digital camera.

the total HD experience
To help you get the most out of your still images and videos, SAMSUNG's NV24HD comes fully equipped with cutting-edge HD technology. Crystal-clear, digital images that can be viewed on a HDTV for the ultimate slideshow via a single HDMI cable. What's more, the NV24HD is enabled with Anynet+ technology, so all you need is one remote to take control of the action.

realistic color
AMOLED technology has come of age with this beautiful display. A wider 180° viewing angle, enhanced color reproduction, ultra-high contrast ratio, and quick near-zero millisecond response time are just some of the advantages of this new, thinner, screen. Unlike standard LCDs, the bright 2.5” AMOLED screen reduces the glare from sunlight so you can see your images under any lighting condition. Add to that reduced image blurring and a broader color spectrum, and you'll wonder why you ever considered an LCD screen in the first place.

Dual IS (Dual Image Stabilization)
Twice the technology for crisp, clear images. Dual Image Stabilization eliminates the blur caused by camera shake and delivers clear, crisp images every time, even under difficult lighting situations. Integrating the best lens shifting mechanisms of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) with the sophisticated algorithms of Digital Image Stabilization (DIS), Dual Image Stabilization; another superior SAMSUNG innovation, corrects even the tiniest of shakes.

24mm ultra wide angle technology
Whether you're indoors or out, snapping a landscape or friends around a table, the 24mm Ultra Wide Angle lens gives you a wider shooting range from a shorter distance and more flexibility for a greater variety of high-quality options. Now you have the ability to capture images of beautiful landscapes and entire buildings from a very short distance - not something you can do with a standard 35mm. The 24mm Ultra Wide Angle is a perfect marriage of advanced versatility with the convenience of a stylish, compact camera.

cutting-edge image processing algorithm
DRIM's advanced image processing algorithm lets you capture crisp, rich color images with exceptional speed virtually eliminating artifacts and digital noise.

face detection
The NV24HD has a built-in face detection feature that detects up to nine different faces, enabling you to take perfect portraits of friends and family. In addition to automatically adjusting focus and brightness to optimum levels, this feature also senses and removes red-eye.