Samsung NV40 Digital Camera

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Samsung NV40 Digital Camera

The NV40 is truly a force to be reckoned with 10.5 megapixels of visual brilliance. A 3x optical zoom Schneider lens. A slim, unique design. Tired of taking self portraits only to have to redo them until you get it right? With our face-detection software, the camera lets you know when you're in the picture with a beep. Plus dual image stabilization eliminates frustrating unsteadiness while you're snapping photos. With the SAMSUNG NV40, you have all the tools you need to capture high quality, beautiful images.

3x optical inner zoom lens
The mounted inner zoom lens adds to the slim design and efficient operation of this camera. This results in enhanced usability and portability. Outstanding picture quality is achieved by the multi-coating on both sides of all lenses that effectively prevents chromatic aberration and distortion.

self portrait
Taking the perfect self portrait just got easier. With new face-detection software, the camera lets you know when you're in the picture with a beep. Sophisticated face recognition algorithms eliminate the hassle of taking shots you don't like by making sure your subject is in the center of the picture and then letting you know it's time to take your best shot.

function description and photo help guide
The function description gives you quick, clear descriptions of each icon and function on the camera. So whether you're a novice or an advanced user, you'll make the most of the camera's amazing capabilities.

10.5 megapixel CCD
High picture quality is obtained by employing an 10.5 mega pixel 1/2.33” high resolution CCD sensor. Clear picture quality can be achieved even for images larger than A2. A robust mounted image processor allows for rich gradation, fast and high-quality picture processing.

dual image stabilization
Dual image stabilization eliminates any blur caused by camera shake and delivers crisp, clear images every time, even under difficult lighting situations. Integrating the best lens shifting mechanisms of Optical Image Stabilization with the sophisticated algorithms of Digital Image Stabilization, Dual Image stabilization, corrects even the most minor shakes.

face detection
Take perfect pictures of your friends and family with the face detection feature. It detects up to nine different faces, in addition to automatically adjusting focus and brightness to optimum levels. It also senses and removes red-eye.