Samsung i85 Digital Camera

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Samsung i85 Digital Camera

This versatile SAMSUNG digital camera does it all - it's an MP3 player, movie player, text viewer, voice recorder, portable hard drive and camcorder in one slim device. Not in the mood to take photos? It lets you play music or watch movies on its large 3-inch LCD display. On vacation and forgot your travel guide? It has a world tour guide built in with images and explanations for 30 countries! A must-have for everyone, there's practically nothing the i85 can't do.

multimedia functions
This model is equipped with 8.2 mega pixel 1/2.5" CCD, 5x optical zoom, MP3 player, SRS wow HD sound effect, and PMP. Those equipments allow SAMSUNG i85 to function as a movie player, text viewer, voice recorder, portable hard drive and camcorder.

3.0" TFT LCD (230K)
The SAMSUNG i85 has a 3.0" large LCD for improved contrast and color reproduction, allowing you to enjoy a wider and clearer image.

multi charging system
With SAMSUNG's unique multi charging system, traveling has become even lighter. You don't have to carry an AC adapter any more. With a multi charging kit, SAC-46 Kit (SAC-46, SUC-C2), you can conveniently charge the camera on a power point, your laptop or desktop computer.

slim 5x optical zoom
It has a powerful 5x optical zoom in only a 20.2 mm stainless body.

world tour guide function
By adding the world tour guide function to a digital camera for the first time, the SAMSUNG i85 provides more convenient and diverse usability while traveling. Images and explanations of famous attractions in 30 countries are provided. With the world tour guide function for images and explanations of famous attractions, you can check global travel information easily and conveniently.

face recognition AF & AE
With face recognition, the SAMSUNG i85 enables the user to take better portrait pictures more easily. The function detects faces and automatically focuses on them. The brightness of the faces is adjusted for beautiful portrait pictures.