Sanyo VPC-S6 Digital Camera

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-14
Sanyo VPC-S6 Digital Camera

Newly Developed SANYO Proprietary Engine for High-Resolution 6.0-Megapixel Images
The Xacti S6's newly developed SANYO proprietary engine employs our original image-processing technology, enabling you to take clear, high-resolution 6.0-megapixel images. The Touch Sensor shutter button, meanwhile, brings your subject into focus with a mere touch of the shutter button. You'll be able to capture more of those sudden photo opportunities, and there'll be less chance of blurriness.

Record Cherished Memories Easily and Beautifully
Sequential Shooting with AE Shift makes it easy to take otherwise difficult shots – for example, shots into the sun or through a window. Scene Select automatically selects the most suitable shooting mode, while the digital filter brings out more expressiveness from people's faces. With these functions, your cherished memories are captured easily and beautifully.

Fun and Convenient, from Shooting to Printing Out
With the included USB cable, the Xacti S6 can be connected to any PictBridge-compatible printer for direct, PC-free printing. The Xacti S6 thus offers fun and convenient functionality from shooting to printing out. What's more, the Xacti S6 features a self-portrait mirror that lets you (and your friend) take easy shots of yourself.

An Elegant Harmony of Form and Function
The Xacti S6's easy-to-hold, sturdy, retro-style design sports a 2.0-inch Thin Film Transfer (TFT) color monitor, a self-portrait mirror, and other features such as a high-resolution 6.37-megapixel CCD (total) and 3x optical zoom lens.