Sanyo VPC-T1060 Digital Camera

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Sanyo VPC-T1060 Digital Camera

Slim and sleek, this camera is perfect for capturing high quality stills! The VPC-T1060 captures stunning 10-megapixel still images with amazing clarity. It's slim, stylish design sports a large, 2.8-inch LCD screen for previewing your images. With a 3x optical zoom lens and 5x digital zoom, you can frame your subjects for better results. The digital image stabilizer minimizes the effects on inadvertent camera movement. The VPC-T1060 is also equipped with face detection and smile detection technologies which automatically focus on facial features for perfect results. With a 16MB internal memory, the VPC-T1060 stores images in the camera or lets you use an optional SD or SDHC memory card.

* 10-Megapixel High Quality Stills
* 2.8" Color LCD Screen
* 3x Optical Zoom Lens
* Digital Image Stabilizer
* Face Detection
* Smile Detection
* Red-Eye Removal
* Rechargeable Li-ion battery
* Supports SD/SDHC Memory Cards

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