Sony DSCT70HDPR Cyber-shot Total Solution

Sony Updated: 2007-11-06
Sony DSCT70HDPR Cyber-shot Total Solution

The HD Solution for Shooting and Sharing
No more huddling around the PC to share the magic—view your digital pictures from the living room in spectacular HD clarity. This total solution includes the DSC-T70 Cyber-shot digital camera and all you need to view your shots on a compatible HDTV and print your photos with professional quality.

The Cyber-shot Total Solution includes:

Cyber-shot DSC-T70 digital camera
The slim little camera with the big widescreen. The sleek silver Cyber-shot DSC-T70 fits your lifestyle to a T—with a giant 3.0" widescreen touch-panel LCD for shooting and sharing, simple icon control and touch-and-zoom capability. For crystal-clear photos that won't disappoint, Face Detection technology and Smile Shutter mode help you capture more smiles. As if that weren't enough, the T70 also boasts a high-quality Carl Zeiss® 3X optical zoom and the Sony Double Anti-Blur Solution for great shots, even in low light.

DPP-FPHD1 Photo Printer
This photo printer makes lab-quality prints in about 60 seconds. With the advanced Sony dye sublimation method, you will print up to 16.7 million distinct colors and create spectacularly vivid prints with smooth, natural color gradations. You can also make border prints and index prints using multiple images with dates.

Cyber-shot Cradle, Component Cable
For spectacular high definition photo viewing, just dock your camera in the supplied Cyber-shot cradle with the HD output component cable to a BRAVIA™ HDTV or other compatible HDTV screen, and share your memories in brilliant color and detail in your living room.

Design That Makes a Statement
With ultra-slim body in silver, black, white or pink, the DSC-T70 makes a sleek fit for any lifestyle -- with simplifies camera operation with a 3.0”1 Widescreen touch-panel LCD that replaces function buttons with easy on-screen icons.

8.1 MP Super HAD™ CCD
More megapixels give you more detail and definition when you make big prints or crop in tight on your subject. The advanced Sony® Super HAD™ (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD design allows more light to pass to each pixel, increasing sensitivity and reducing noise.

Carl Zeiss® 3X Optical Zoom Lens Design
An ingenious Carl Zeiss® lens design provides 3X Optical zoom in amazingly compact dimensions -- and even at full zoom the lens doesn’t project beyond the camera body, preserving its ultra-slim styling.

The Sony Double Anti-Blur Solution
With Super SteadyShot® optical image stabilization and high sensitivity (ISO 3200), the DSC-T70 compensates for shaky hands, minimizes blur and allows flash-free shooting to preserve the mood -- and Sony Clear RAW™ Noise Reduction reduces the picture noise that can ruin low-light shots.

3.0” Widescreen Clear Photo LCD Plus™ Display
A widescreen display in the palm of your hand! Clear Photo LCD Plus™ design enables the giant 3.0” Widescreen LCD of the DSC-T70 to display photos with superb clarity and color reproduction -- with AR (anti-reflective) coating for excellent visibility even in bright sunlight.

Touch-Screen Operation
The DSC-T70’s Widescreen touch-panel LCD replaces small buttons with simple on-screen icons and a user-friendly interface that make camera operation faster and simpler. You can touch any point on screen, in shooting mode, to focus on the person or object you’ve selected -- and touch and zoom in playback mode to concentrate on your subject.

Simple Icon Setup Controls
To the left and right of the image area on your widescreen display, simple icons allow quick touch-screen operation of essential camera functions. The icons can be switched off to provide a full 16:9 widescreen view of your photos -- and the on-screen Function Guide display helps you learn camera setup operations.

Face Detection-2
Because the face makes the photo, Sony has created Face Detection technology that recognizes up to 8 faces in a photo and automatically controls focus, exposure, color and flash to bring out the best in everyone. Unlike some competitive systems, Sony Face Detection makes skin tones look more natural and reduces red-eye with pre-strobe flash.

Smile Shutter Mode
In Smile Shutter Mode, the DSC-T70 helps you capture more smiles by shooting automatically when your subject laughs, smiles, even grins. You select the person to watch and the expression to catch -- your Cyber-shot® camera’s Face Detection system and intelligent Smile Shutter algorithm do the rest!

HD Output
Direct HD output to your Sony Bravia® HDVT or other compatible HDTV screen lets you view DSC-T70 still photos in spectacular clarity and detail. Optional HD solutions include a Cyber-shot® cradle/charger with component cable output and high-speed Picture Station™ Photo Printers that make 4” x 6” prints in about 45 seconds (excluding processing time). (Cradle/charger, and printer sold separately.)

Multi-Resizing Function
The in-camera feature that resizes your photos for any purpose! Standard 4:3 can be resized to widescreen 16:9 and 2 MP for giant-screen HDTV display, images at 16:9 and larger than VGA resolution can be resized to 4:3 VGA for e-mailing (internet connection required) to friends and family, and a simple 4-direction touch-screen control makes it easy to trim photos.

Wide Zoom Display
To use the entire image area of your DSC-T70 Widescreen LCD and compatible HDTV screens, Wide Zoom automatically expands standard 4:3 images to 16:9.

HD Slide Show with Music
It’s the high-definition viewing experience that makes photos more entertaining to watch, accompanied by your choice of visual effects and any of four preset musical selections stored in memory or your favorite music downloaded from PC to your camera for use as background music.

9-Point Auto Focus
Because an off-center subject can make your shot more interesting, the DSC-T70 can measure auto-focus precision at 9 points on your screen -- giving you greater creative freedom to compose your image.

D-Range Optimization
Powered by the exclusive Sony Bionz™ high-speed processing engine, D-Range Optimization preserves image data in bright highlights and reveals more detail in shadows or backlit areas -- for great results even in difficult lighting conditions.

In-Camera Retouching
The DSC-T70 lets you add 8 creative effects to photos after you shoot -- including new “radial blur” effect, “retro” color tint and trimming function along with soft edge filter to soften backgrounds, cross filter to place starry “dazzles” at highlight points, partial color filter to mute surrounding colors, and fish-eye filter to create interesting fish-eye lens effects.

In-Camera Red-Eye Reduction
Irritating “glowing eyes” can ruin even the most creative photos -- so the DSC-T70 provides in-camera correction at the touch of a button to reduce lingering red-eye effect that other systems might miss.

Enhanced Paint Function
In-camera retouching continues with the ability to “paint” decorative borders, graphic stamps and hand-drawn words or symbols like hearts, stars, arrows and other ways to add charm and fun to photos you save, print or send via e-mail (internet connection required).

31 MB Internal Memory
The DSC-T70 allows you to capture a limited number of shots in-camera for later transfer to PC or Memory Stick PRO DUO™ media - so even if you forget your flash memory card, you can still get the shot.

Up to 15X Smart Zoom® Feature
The Sony Smart Zoom® feature lets the DSC-T70 crop in close on the central portion of interest in your photo while avoiding the image degradation of other digital zooms.

MPEG Movie VX Fine Mode
Captures VGA (640 x 480) audio/video clips at high frame rate (up to 30 frames per second6), with length limited only by the capacity of your media.

Stamina® Battery Power
The DSC-T70 provides up to 270 shots with a fully charged NP-BD1 Lithium Ion battery -- enough shooting capacity to cover a long weekend or a whole vacation.

Software for Managing Your Memories
Supplied Picture Motion Browser software makes it easier to upload photos, burn photos to CD or DVD, add dates to JPEG images, trim photos for transfer to Memory Stick® media, and organize images in a convenient calendar view on your PC. In combination with an optional GPS Unit7 (sold separately), Map View function can display a map showing the origin of your photos.