Sony FCBEX1000P Color Block Camera

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Sony FCBEX1000P Color Block Camera

Sony's new FCB-EX1000P camera offers excellent picture quality and extremely high zoom capability. The FCB-EX1000P color block camera combines a new exceptionally high 36X zoom lens with an expansively wide/telephoto horizontal field of view. The FCB-EX1000P camera incorporates a ¼ type EXview HAD™ CCD for high sensitivity in extreme low light environments. For optimized sensitivity in both day and night-time shooting applications, the FCB-EX1000 camera incorporates an Auto ICR function and excels in security domes and traffic monitoring applications.


* 1/4 type EXview HAD CCD
* Horizontal Resolution - 460 TV Lines
* Minimum Sensitivity of 1.4 lux (50 IRE)
* 432x optical zoom (36x zoom / 12x optical)
* High Performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
* Auto ICR (IR Cut filter Removal) Mode
* Electronic Shutter/Slow Shutter
* Alarm Function
* Picture Freeze Function
* Electronic-Flip (E:Flip)
* High-speed serial communication (max. 38.4 kbps) and TTL signal-level control (VISCA™ protocol)
* Programmable factory preset
* Various customizable settings
* Key switch control compatibility
* VBS and Y/C video output
* Spot AE
* Internal/External sync


36X Zoom Lens - High Telephoto Zoom and W I D E Horizontal Field of View Capability:: The FCB-EX1000P features a 36x lens that provides high TELEPHOTO zoom capability (1.7° H-FOV) and a WIDE horizontal field of view of 57.8° and a 1.7° telephoto capability. With its 36x optical zoom lens, the FCB-EX1000P camera allows for a zoom capability of up to 432x when used in combination with its 12x digital zoom. Users can zoom in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity.

Auto IR Cut Filter Removal (ICR): For optimized sensitivity in both day and night-time shooting applications, the FCB-EX1000P camera incorporates an Auto ICR function. With a set level of darkness, the IR Cut filter is automatically disabled (ICR ON) and the infrared sensitivity is increased. With a set level of brightness, the filter is automatically enabled (ICR OFF). The ICR automatically engages depending on the ambient light, allowing the cameras to be effective in a variety of lighting conditions.

Enhanced "Spherical Privacy Zone Masking": Incorporating latest generation firmware, this FCB-EX camera features an "advanced privacy zone masking" function for use with a pan/tilt system. The masking blocks can be interlocked to track with pan/tilt/zoom even when the camera is panning in a tilted position or circling.