Sony FCBEX11D NTSC Color Block Camera

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Sony FCBEX11D NTSC Color Block Camera

The new ultra-compact and lightweight FCB-EX11D camera is specifically designed for easy integration into mini-dome housings for superb observation. Its outstanding picture quality, excellent auto-focus performance and small size make it the ideal contender in space restricted environments such as underground inspection systems of oil gas pipes, low vision systems, police vehicles and more. The FCB-EX11D incorporates a 1/4-type EXview HAD CCD™ sensor and is equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens that can provide a 120x zoom ratio when combined with the digital zoom. In addition, the FCB-EX11D color block camera inherits many of the excellent features found in Sony's new FCB D version cameras such as slow AE Response, Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking and Multi-line on-screen display. With its excellent picture quality, compact size and feature-rich design, the FCB-EX11D is ideal for a wide range of applications.


* 1/4-type EXview HAD CCD
* Advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
* High Horizontal Resolution of 530 TV Lines
* 120x Zoom Ratio (10x Optical, 12x Digital)
* SMART (Sony Modular Automatic Lens Reset Technology) Lens Control
* Angle of View (H) - 46.0° (wide end) to 4.6° (tele end)
* Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking with Mosaic Effect
* Video Motion Detection
* Minimum Illumination - 1.0 lx (F1.8, 50 IRE typical)
* 16 bytes memory
* E-Flip Function
* Slow AE Response - Ideal for monitoring areas in which lighting conditions abruptly change
* Spot AE
* Multi-Line On-screen Display
* Picture Freeze Function
* Electronic Shutter/Slow Shutter - 1 to 1/10,000s, 22 steps
* High-Speed Serial Interface (maximum 38.4 Kb/s with TTL Signal-Level Control - VISCA protocol
* Internal/External Sync
* Customizable Settings
* Dimensions: 35.9 x 40.8 x 59.2 (mm)
* Mass: 95g


High Resolution of 530 TV Lines: The FCB-EX11D camera incorporates a ¼-type EXview HAD™ CCD with an Advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to reproduce clear, detailed images at an extremely high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines.

Powerful & Versatile Zoom Capability: The FCB-EX11D camera is equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens, allowing for a zoom capability of up to 120x when used in combination with its 12x digital zoom.

Video Motion Detection: As with Sony's FCB D version cameras, the new FCB-EX11D camera features a motion detection function. When motion is detected within an area of the picture designated by the user, an alarm signal is output via the camera's control interface using the VISCA™ protocol. Users can designate up to four detecting areas freely from any 8 vertical and 12 horizontal blocks. The video motion detection function is useful for unattended monitoring/recording found in security applications.

Slow AE Response Function: The FCB-EX11D is equipped with a slow AE response function to automatically slow the rate at which the camera's exposure levels change. The rate can be set up to 32 times slower than when Full-Auto AE or Priority (shutter/iris) modes are selected. This function is useful when monitoring areas in which lighting conditions abruptly change.

Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking with Mosaic Effect: Unwanted or prohibited areas within an image can be masked precisely and appropriately with either a solid color or a mosaic effect. When the FCB-EX11D is integrated into a P/T/Z Camera system, this technology can keep masking areas interlocked with P/T/Z movements regardless of the camera angle.

Multi-line On-screen Display: Up to eleven lines with 20 characters per line can be displayed on the FCB-EX11D monitoring screen using VISCA™ commands. Captions can be displayed on the screen to provide operators with a user-friendly interface.