Sony FCBEX490DP Wide D PAL Version Block Camera

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Sony FCBEX490DP Wide D PAL Version Block Camera

High Resolution and Wide Dynamic Range Combined in a Small, Block Color Camera! Sony is enhancing its line-up of block cameras with the introduction of its new "D version" wide dynamic block cameras. The FCB-EX490DP high resolution camera incorporates a ¼-type EXview HAD™ CCD with Advanced Digital Signal Processing to reproduce clear, detailed images at an extremely high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines. The FCB-EX490DP features an 18x optical zoom lens. Feature-rich and coupled with clear and detailed images, the FCB-EX series of color block cameras are ideally suited for monitoring applications that demand high performance.


* 1/4-type EXview HAD CCD
* High Horizontal Resolution of 530 TV Lines
* 216x Zoom Ratio (18x Optical, 12x Digital)
* Wide Dynamic Range
* Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking
* Video Motion Detection
* Minimum Illumination - 0.7 lx (typical)
* E-Flip Function
* Multi-Line On-screen Display
* Auto ICR (IR Cut Filter Removal) Mode
* Picture Freeze Function
* Key Switch Connector (CN601) for Camera Control with External Equipment
* Electronic Shutter/Slow Shutter
* High-Speed Serial Interface (maximum 38.4 Kb/s) with TTL Signal-Level Control - VISCA protocol
* Internal/External Sync


Powerful and Versatile Zoom Capability/Wide Viewing Angle: The FCB-EX490DP camera incorporates an 18x optical zoom lens.
High-Resolution Images: Combining a newly developed DSP with a 1/4-type EXview HAD CCD, the FCB-EX490DP camera achieves a high horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines and output amazingly clear, and detailed images.
Wide Dynamic Range: This new FCB-EX490DP camera incorporates an advanced backlight compensation technology that dramatically improves the camera's dynamic range by 128 times compared to previous FCB C series cameras, resulting in clear image reproduction. This camera captures the same image twice - first with a normal shutter speed and then with a high shutter speed. The dark areas captured a normal shutter speed, and the bright areas captured at high shutter speed are then combined into one image using an advanced DSP, clearly reproducing the original scene. Wide Dynamic Range is ideal for lobby camera applications where the camera is exposing both people indoors and outdoor parking lot areas within the same picture.
Video Motion Detection: Within a screen divided into 12 horizontal and 8 vertical blocks, this camera can detect a change in luminance within designated areas (up to 4 areas) and specifies its position. The video motion detection function is useful for unattended monitoring/recording found in security applications. The camera is viewing a fixed position and is able to record when an intruder is detected. An alarm signal is output via the camera's control interface using the VISCA™ protocol.
Slow AE Response Function: The new FCB-EX490DP camera is equipped with a slow AE response function to automatically slow the rate at which camera exposure levels change. The rate can be set up to 32 times slower than when Full-Auto AE or Priority (shutter/iris) modes are selected. This function is useful when monitoring areas in which lighting conditions change abruptly. For example, if the camera is used to monitor the flow of nighttime traffic when vehicle headlights are pointed directly towards it, the camera's exposure level is reduced slowly. This can allow users to monitor and identify crucial parts of the image that surround the headlights, such as the car's license plate or the driver's face.
SMART (Sony Modular Automatic Lens Reset Technology) Lens Control: The new FCB-EX490DP camera incorporates SMART Lens Control technology that monitors the focus position of the lens during zooming and automatically compensates for any mechanical misalignment that may occur over long periods of continuous usage. With the introduction of SMART Lens Control, periodic lens initialization is no longer required during continuous 24-hour operation.
Multi-Line On-Screen Display: Up to eleven lines with 20 characters per line can be displayed on the monitoring screen using VISCA commands. Users can freely display captions on the screen such as monitoring location, camera name, and alarm messages, providing operators with a user-friendly interface.
Picture Freeze: The FCB-EX490DP camera is equipped with a Picture Freeze function that allows for the output of a still image while the camera is panning, tilting, zooming, focusing, initializing the lens, or performing preset operations. For example, the camera will output a still image before it begins to pan, tilt, or zoom. Once the operation is completed, the camera continues to display images so that unnecessary images are not displayed.
Auto IR-Cut Filter Removal (ICR): The FCB-EX490DP incorporates an Auto ICR function for optimized sensitivity in both day and night-shooting applications. At a set level of darkness, the IR-cut filter is automatically disabled (ICR ON) and the infrared sensitivity is increased. At a set level of brightness, the filter is automatically enabled (ICR OFF). The IR-cut filter automatically engages depending on the ambient light, allowing the capture of images in a variety of lighting conditions.
Advanced Spherical Privacy Zone Masking with Mosaic Effect: In addition to conventional color masking, unwanted or prohibited areas within an image can be masked using a mosaic effect. A maximum of eight masking areas can be displayed on the monitoring screen. Also, when this block camera is used with a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera system, masked areas are interlocked with PTZ movements, regardless of the camera angle or even if it is circling. Up to 24 masking areas can be preset in the entire viewing range of the PTZ camera.