Toshiba IK-TF2 Three Chip Camera

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-12
Toshiba IK-TF2 Three Chip Camera

Toshiba's Economicaly Priced One Piece Three CCD Camera Optimized For Image Processing

The Toshiba IK-TF2 is well suited for color image processing and high speed machine vision. The Co-Site Sampling (spatial congruent) arrangement of the 3 CCDs captures accurate computer ready color images.

Pick Up System  3CCD, RGB Micro Prism System
Image Sensor  1/3-inch I 410,000 pixel IT-CCD
Effective Pixels  768 H x 494V
Scanning System  .2:1 Interlaced
Scan Frequency  Horizontal: 15.734 kHz
Vertical: 59.94 Hz
Sync System  Internal/External (Automatic Switching)
Resolution 570 horizontal Television Lines
Sensitivity Minimum 10 lux (F2.2, +18dB Gain up)
Normal: 2000 lux (F8)
Signal/Noise Ratio  64dB
Lens Mount  C-Mount (Flange back focal length 17.526 mm)
Ambient Operating Temperature  0-40 C (32-104 F)
Ambient Humidity  < 90% Relative
White Balance Modes  AWB (Auto White balance) 3200k/5600k selectable
MANU (Manual White)
Gain Modes  OFF
MANU (Gain control in 1dB steps from -3 to 18dB)
Electronic Shutter Modes  MANU (Manual Shutter, 1/60 to 1/50,000 sec)
Synchro Scan
Output Signals  RGB: 75 Ohm Unbalanced, D-Sub 15 pin connector
External Sync Output  HD or VD: 2-5V (p-p) Negative 75 ohm at termination
RS: L level <0.4V, H Level 3.4-5V
Sync Signal Output  Sync: 2.5V 0.5V (p-p) Negative 75 Ohm Unbalanced
HD or VD: 4.0-5.5V (p-p) Negative,
Video index, 4.0-5.5V (p-p) Negative
Random Trigger  1 pulse sync non reset; 1 pulse sync reset, 2 pulses (rising edge/falling edge, Width selectable)
Remote Control Interface  Serial Data Interface (RS-232C)
Dimensions  44mm (W) x 44mm (H) x 78mm (D),
1.7 (W) x 1.7 (H) x 3.1 (L) inch
Weight  5.47 oz. (155g)
Power Requirement  12V DC 10%
Power Consumption  3.6 W
Standard FCC class A, CE