Asus CB-5216A Combo Drive

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Asus CB-5216A Combo Drive

The ASUS CB-5216A is a combo drive with fast data storage (52X CD-R and 32X CD-RW) and fast data access (52X CD-ROM and 16X DVD-ROM). The ASUS CB-5216A provides most efficiency and perfect match for consumers' PC.


52X CD-R/ 32X CD-RW/ 52X CD-ROM/ 16X DVD-ROM

FlextraLink™ Buffer Underrun Errors Prevention Technology
Built-in FlextraLink™ prevents users from buffer underrun problems and eliminates the creation of unusable discs. Throughout the recording process, FlextraLink™ consistently monitors the data buffer status to ensure best recording quality under high-speed operation.

FlextraSpeed™ Optimal Writing Speed Adjustment Technology
Built-in FlextraSpeed™ and AI Auto Speed Adjustment Tech. enhance accuracy and reliability when reading/writing/re-writing across a broad range of certified media in different formats. FlextraSpeed™ continuously monitors the recording media and sets the optimal writing speeds to ensure best recording quality. The ASUS proprietary FlextraSpeed™ occupies minimal system resources so the PC remains full operational and available for other applications even during recording process.

Superior Stability with DDSSII
The DDSS technology is designed to minimize the vibration caused by the spindle motor and resonance between components as well as the drive and PC cases. The ASUS patented DDSSII stabilizes, both horizontally and vertically, the pick-up head, achieving more precise tracking and focusing, while reducing vibration and noise caused by high-revolution spindle motors.

AFFM – Airflow Field Modification
Change uneven airflow field inside the drive and leads to quieter and more stable operation.

High-Speed DAE (Max. 52X) and VCD Data Extraction
Windows XP Logo Certified
TAO, DAO, SAO, Packet Write Supported
Supports Multi-Format and Multi-Read
Supports Overburn up to 99 Minutes
Vertical and Horizontal (+5° ~ -5°) Mounting Available
Unique Dust-Resistance and Noise-Control Design