Asus DRW-20B1ST DVD-RW Drive

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Asus DRW-20B1ST DVD-RW Drive

The ASUS DRW-20B1ST is X Multi DVD±R/RW drive capable of reading data from and writing data on DVD+R/RW/DVD-R/RW/ DVD-RAM formats. The dual compatibility feature of the DRW-20B1ST allows you to create DVDs that can be played or read by most DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. This function provides you with flexibility and efficiency in terms of multimedia data storage and sharing.

Multi Function: (X MULTI+LightScribe)
- Max. 20X DVD±R/ 8X DVD+RW/ 6X DVD-RW/12X DVD±R (DL)
- Max. 48X CD-R/ 32X CD-RW
- Max. 16X DVD-ROM/ 48X CD-ROM
- Max: 12X DVD-RAM Write/12X DVD-RAM Read

New Generation Airflow Field Modification (AFFMII):
Noise and vibration are two major headaches users encounter when using a high-speed drive. AFFMII is designed to change the uneven airflow field inside the drive because balance pressure distribution leads to quieter and more stable operation.

Auto Vibration Reducing System (AVRS)
The AVRS technology is designed to minimize the vibration caused by the spindle motor and resonance between components as well as the drive and PC cases. AVRS is designed to reduce vibration and noise induced by unbalanced mass of rotating machinery. With AVRS, ASUS DRW-20B1ST provides high readability and playability.

Optimal Tuning Strategy(OTS)
Automatic Adjustments for Optimum Disc Backup with OTS. The advantage of OTS:
- Cover both media and drive variations as well as operating temperature.
- Optimal write speed detection.
- Total write quality improvement.
- Extend the lifetime of drives: OTS is capable of produce the most suitable and write quality improvement.
- Reduce the possibility to burn unplayable disks.
- Reduce disc coaster.

Energy Green Engine(E-green)
The innovative E-Green Engine technology features an E-Green Mode that automatically closes drive applications when not in use to help conserve energy - helping the environment by decreasing CO2 emissions and reducing the depletion of trees.

Operates on Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
ASUS Unique Live Firmware Update Tool
Bundle Burning Software
Compatible with a Wide Range of Disc Formats
Windows XP/ NT/2000/VISTA Supported