Asus HR-0205T HD DVD ROM Drive

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Asus HR-0205T HD DVD ROM Drive

The ASUS HR-0205T is HD DVD ROM drive capable of reading data for DVD+R/RW/DVD-R/RW formats. HR-0205T provides you best HD movie playback entertainment. This function provides you with flexibility and efficiency in terms of multimedia data playback.

Read Speed Support:
- Max. 2.4X HD DVD ROM/HD DVD-R Read
- Max 5X DVD±R/ 5X DVD+RW/ 5X DVD-RW/ 5X DVD±R (DL)
- Max. 15X CD-R/ 15X CD-RW Read
- Max. 15X DVD-ROM/ 15X CD-ROM Read

Playback for double-layer 30GB HD DVD video movies.
It is capable of reproducing both single layer (15GB) and double layer (30GB) HD DVD-ROM media at 2.4x. HR-0205T also delivers more capacity from 3 times to 6 times capacity than DVD’s.

Fast data transfer rate with HD DVD ROM:
HD transfers data at 10708.8 KB/s- 7 times the speed of normal DVD data transfer rates.

Exclusive Feature
- HR-0205T takes full advantage of the shared physical structure of HD discs and standard DVD discs, which allows it to read HD-DVD-R, to read the diverse line-up of discs in the HD DVD-ROM disc family, including twin format disc and pick-up head with only a single objective lens.
- HD DVD discs can store large amounts of data; 15GB single layer
and 30GB dual layer - equal to 4 hours of HD TV or 8 hours of HD
- HR-0205T provides both PATA and SATA interface functionality. Exclusive bundle of ultra-value SATA adaptor for high-speed stable read enjoyment with both SATA and PATA interface compatibilities.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Disc Formats

Operates on Horizontal or Vertical Mounting

Windows XP/2000/ Vista Supported