LG GBC-H20L Internal Super-Multi Blu-ray Drive

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LG GBC-H20L Internal Super-Multi Blu-ray Drive

This LG internal Blu-ray drive adds an extra-dimension to your PC experience with Blu-ray-quality movies and blazing fast 16x burning. LG’s advanced SecurDisc™ technology ensures that your media stays safe, while LightScribe keeps your discs organized with advanced labeling capabilities.

SATA Interface
SATA is an evolutionary technology that allows for enhancements to the computing platform, such as easier integration, faster performance, and more efficient design.

LightScribe™ Disc Labeling
LightScribe is a laser-printing technology that allows users to create silkscreen-quality labels right inside LG optical drives, by simply flipping over the exclusive LightScribe disc.

SecurDisc™ Technology
SecurDisc™ is an innovative technology giving users the means to protect and share data securely, via data protection and content access-control of your media.

Compatible with BD/DVD/CD Formats
This versatile drive recognizes Blu-ray, DVD, and CD formats.

Key Features

* SATA Interface
* SecurDisc™ Technology
* LightScribe™ Disc Labeling
* Compatible with BD/DVD/CD Formats
* 6x BD-R Read Speed
* 16x DVD+/- Write Speed
* BD-R/RE SL/25GB & DL/50GB
* Super Multi-Format Recording to All Existing Formats

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