LG GSA-H22L DVD Rewriter

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LG GSA-H22L DVD Rewriter

Super Multi
Currently, there are 3 types of DVD formats - DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD-RAM. Most devices can read and write in 2 formats, but LG's Super Multi drives read and write in all 3 DVD formats.

Create silkscreen-quality disc labels direct from your PC with LightScribe. LightScribe is a laser printing technology on the exclusive LightScribe disc. It provides a complete, convenient, cost-effective system for labeling optical discs. Simply "burn" the data to a LightScribe disc, flip the disc over, place it back in the drive, and "burn" the label.

Backup Your Data
With PC security becoming an ever important issue, it is important to backup your valuable PC data. A double layer DVD+R disc holds 8.5GB of data so you can have all of it on one disc. For even greater flexability, DVD-RAM media can be used to write, erase and rewrite up to 100,000 times!

* Reads/Writes all CD/DVD formats
* Max. 18x DVD+R and DVD-R Write Speed
* Max. 48x CD Write Speed
* Supports Double Layer DVD+r, DVD-R, Dual Layer-R Discs (8.5GB)
* 2MB buffer with Superlink buffer underrun error protection
* Windows® ME/2000/XP compatible
* All-in-One DVD Writing Software & Cables included
* Rated a "Best Buy" by PC World