Philips SPD2415BD Internal Drive DVD 20x ReWriter

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Philips SPD2415BD Internal Drive DVD 20x ReWriter

The Philips internal DVD RW drive reads and writes all DVD, dual layer and CD formats. It's easy to install even for inexperienced users. And coming from co-inventor of Blu-ray, DVD and CD optical media, you can be sure it's ultra reliable.

Double layer writer for +R and -R, DL media
New drive enabling writing on both +R and -R 8.5 GB double layer media

DVD RAM enlarging your storage capacity
DVD RAM format supported which makes this drive a Multi drive supporting CD, DVD Rom, DVD RAM.

Writing Speed
DVD+R: 20x (24000KB/sec) maximum by CAV
DVD-R: 20x (24000KB/sec) maximum by CAV
DVD+R DL: 8x (10800KB/sec) by Z-CLV
DVD-R DL: 4x (5400KB/sec) by CLV
CD-R: 48x (7200KB/sec) by CAV
DVD-RAM: 12x (6750KB/sec) maximum by PCAV

Rewriting Speed
DVD+RW: 8X (10800KB/sec) by CLV
CD-RW: 24x (3600KB/sec) maximum by Z-CTV in Ultraspeed disc
DVD-RW: 8X (10800KB/sec) by CLV

Reading Speed
DVD ROM: 16x (21600KB/sec) maximum by CAV
CD-R: 48X (7200KB/sec) by CAV
Buffer size: 2MB
Access time: 160ms
RAM: 12x (6750KB/sec) maximum by PCAV